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noob.....what mean is IEM??

  1. Nickel zhang
  2. Selenium
    In-Ear Monitor
  3. n00b
    It stands for In-Ear Monitor.
  4. Selenium
    Was this guy asking for you specifically? I know it's just a weird coincidence but I LOLed.[​IMG]

  5. Nickel zhang
    cheese guys.....now i know is in ear monitor.....thats crap.
  6. mastershake2393


    I'm so confused by this...
  7. JamieTheSonger
    ...in the age of Google was this really necessary?
  8. n00b
    what mean it be do ''google,,?
  9. Watagump
    I have a pair of safety Googles.
  10. Viperkun
    Courtesy of wiki.com.... (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/In-ear_monitor)
    In-ear monitors (IEMs) are devices used by musicians, audio engineers and audiophiles to listen to music or to hear a custom crafted mix of vocals and stage instrumentation for live performance or recording studio mixing. They are often custom fitted for an individual's ears and provide a high level of noise reduction from ambient surroundings.
    "...IEMs are often custom molded and therefore are more comfortable to wear and allow the sound to be sent directly into the user’s ear canal. They also provide a better seal, though it is only able to isolate ambient noise, thus resulting in a lower level of ambient noise heard. Depending on the quality of the fit and length of the canal portion of the earpiece, a custom fit in-ear monitor will generally provide somewhere between 25 and 34 Decibels of noise reduction. "
  11. Sil3nce Moderator


    English by the way.
  12. planx
    Not sure if trolling or language barrier...
  13. Sil3nce Moderator

    The latter.

    Well anyways take care of him, I'm off to my shower.
  14. ProjectDenz
    A simple 5 second search would had sufficed.
  15. Sil3nce Moderator

    Good luck explaining what sufficed means.

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