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Noob looking for solid portable DAP to push B&W P3/P5 headphones

  1. jag88
    So I am new to all this audiophile gear, no idea what most of the tech specs mean so I am having trouble finding appropriate gear.
    I am looking for a portable DAP with a good built in headphone amp. I have a set of Bowers and Wilkins P3's and may purchase a set of P5's in the near future (or something equivalent, B&W is def expensive). I have had these P3's for a little over a year and was always bummed by how mundane the sound quality was, not much of an improvement over my in ear workout headphones. But recently I got a chance to try my P3's while connected to a friends DAC off his macbook pro and I was blown away, the P3's are capable of so much more than what an iphone 5c can provide (my phone). After hearing that, I have this itch I need to scratch... I want to listen to all my favorite music like that!
    So any suggestions on portable DAPs with a solid performing headphone amp built in? I want something that would give these B&W P3's justice and leave some room to step up the headphones later. I also have a set of Mackie powered studio monitors so a line out function would be nice. I was looking at the FiiO X3 and X5 (2nd gen) but those are kinda big, I am looking for something more portable. I like the Sony NWZ-A17 size, but it is out of my price range... I would like to spend < $200
    Thoughts, suggestions?
  2. Monsterzero
    while you do probably need a new DAP so you can discover 24 bit FLAC,your main priority should be a portable amp.
  3. jag88

    I would really like an all in one device, I would rather not have to charge and carry around 2 separate devices. Know of anything like that?
  4. Monsterzero
    I dont.....which isnt to say that a viable solution doesnt exist.
    The other option (that im aware of) is a get a different,easier to drive headphone
  5. jag88
    I am leaning towards an ibasso dx80 ... it is out of my price range and is not as portable as I would like but otherwise it seems to tick all the other boxes. The price makes me gag a bit, but if it lasts awhile then it could be worth it. It is quite a nice piece of kit as far as I can tell.
  6. Monsterzero
    could work,dunno.....

    I was going to suggest this product here,as I have heard it,and it drives everything Ive thrown at it


    But if youre gagging on the price of the other amp,you will surely lose it on the price of this one....tho it is totally portable

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