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NOOB here... Is there big difference b/w O.E.M in-ears and a pair of HD 598s...

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  1. JZX1GT
    This is my first post and I want some advice. I have a Note 2 and use the bundled oem in-ear headphones for music. I also use the same phones for movies and on my piano and guitar (I have this garage band). I am a college student and got my hands on some cash. I've done some research on phones and find the HD 598s really appealing for some reason. I wanna ask will there be 'major' difference b/w them and my oems (which I do kinda consider pretty decent)? Can my note properly drive the headphones
    (can't afford an amp right now)? and are the 598s 'worth' it or can I get the job done with cheaper 70-100 dollar phones. I do listen to ALOT of music. Most of my stuff is 258bit mp3 with a few flacs here and there... :p  I would get the phones but the thing is I'm not that rich. I can use the money on 'better' stuff. In a nutshell my question is if I get the phones will it make me go 'WOAAHHH... RAADDD' ? :p Cheers! 
  2. JZX1GT
    I would also like to know if it's safe to buy headphones online... Cheers!
  3. ev13wt
    Real headphones will be a definite improvement. What is your budget?
  4. JZX1GT
    The max I can spend in dollars is around $250...
  5. davidsh
    Hard to say how you would like them. What in music do you appreciate, and in which direction do you want to go with your music?
    Because if you are that kinda person who think if it makes sound, it is fine, then there would be no reason to get better headphones. If you are interested, which I assume, you should try get some headphones. I went from ibuds to some better in-ears after reading around on this forum for weeks. I was very pleased, and never doubted my purchase or had buyers remorse.
    Might give the jvc ha-s500 a try? They are said to be really good for the price. They are a little bassy as far as I know.
    It should be safe to buy online via amazon.
    Personally, I doubt any headphones within your budget will blow your mind, but if you are receptive to the bug, I am positive you will appreciate the upgrade a lot, since the ones you use now is most likely a piece of crap.
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  6. xkonfuzed
    The HD598 are good, but they're just 'ok' for the price. Here are some great bang for your buck options:

    1- ATH A900x (closed) $180, big soundstage, nice midrange.

    2- Beyerdynamic DT770 (closed) $160, Awesome bass, big soundstage

    3- Shure SRH940 (closed) $250 very detailed, in your face sound.

    4- Grado SR80i (open) $100 EXCELLENT with rock/metal/acoustic. No amping required.
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  7. JZX1GT
    I listen 'mostly' to rock.. lets stick to rock because my band plays rock as-well, we also do electronic stuff (Depeche Mode, e.t.c)... I am interested in quality products but I'm just a little you could say 'paranoid' that I'm afraid that 'what if I spend $250 and the sound difference is minimal' since daividsh pointed out that phones in my range wont 'blow my mind' but can they atleast make me say 'thats money well spent'? I'm not trying to be non-appreciative I'm just very paranoid... As you can probably tell I've never used 'real' headphones in my life except for them fancy beats solos... my friend has them and they're the reason I'm paranoid they cost $150 and the quality difference between them and my oems was not worth $150... they sounded so 'un-natural'... this leads me to part 2... there are NO shops in my city where I can get decent phones, hence my only option is to get them online without trying them... Is that okay? Cheers!
  8. JZX1GT
    The a900x and srh940 seem interesting... but I cant find them here... :frowning2: (btw, I'm from Pakistan)
  9. xkonfuzed
    You can always find them online, but be careful where you get them. There are many Chinese websites selling fakes for low prices, the only websites you should trust are amazon and the company's official websites.
  10. ev13wt

    Well, he is coming from cheap earbuds, I think something like a dt-770 (or other suggestions) WILL be impressive for a good amount of time.
  11. Trunks159
    I'd definitely say get the mdr ma900. Great natural sounding headphone that's great with rock and electronic.
  12. JZX1GT
    I would never order from suspicious sites( I learnt this lesson the hard way) neverthless, out of the four phones you listed which do you recommend for me (you can read what the type of stuff I'll use it for from my previous post) I know I should personally try them before purchasing, but unfortunately I can't... :D your recommendation is everything... :p 
  13. davidsh

    The beats solo's are regarded as crap here on the forum. Few people think they would be worth even 50$.. Haven't heard for myself, but they are probs very very bad for the price. I'd still advice you to find some good, cheap over performing cans. The ha-s500 is just one among many. I think it would be a good place for you to start, then you don't have to worry much about price.
    I thought it was worth it to upgrade for me.
  14. Trunks159
    SR80i is great for rock but IMHO sucks for electronic compared to a bunch of other cans.
  15. JZX1GT
    Thanks guys... I'm definitely getting decent phones now... you guys don't seem to approve of the hd 598's... are they not good for rock/electronic? If not, how are the  Shure SRH940... are they better? I'll just get what you guys recommend... as I mentioned I can't test them here...
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