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Non-ANC, non-IEM cans for planes, trains, and offices?

  1. njgeek
    I have cursed ears, can’t handle IEMs with any type of tip (flange, foam, silicone) for more than an hour or I’d use my Westone 4r all the time. ANC gives me a headache, can’t enjoy it at all. I’d rather hear plane engines and usually end up just using Apple earbuds.

    Looking for comfortable cans I can wear forever with great sound for a long haul, decent isolation without electronic. Having a Bluetooth option is good just in case. My shortlist is:

    • AKG K550 mk3
    • Denon AH-MM400
    • Audio Technica ATH-SR5BT

    Any advice on these or others? I’d prefer to stay under $400 if possible.

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