nokia 5800 xpressmusic sound quality
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The N85 I have now is respectable, better to my ears than my recently-sold iPod 5.5G Video and perhaps even comparable to my old Cowon iAudio X5L. Everything just sounds right, it has a warm sound signature (possibly different than the 5800XM?), and the RMAA results are actually quite similar to my X5L. I'm quite impressed, and I wouldn't be surprised if the 5800XM could compete favorably against dedicated DAPs.

I've had a similar experience with the N85, but I could never recommend it due to poor build quality.
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For those of you who wants to play FLAC and OGG files on your 5800 (or other S60 phones) do a search on OGGPLAY S60. There is no dedicated version for S60V5, but according to My-symbian and the OGGPLAY forum it will work with a different skin.
OGGPLAY on my N82 (S60V3) plays FLAC, but I havent used the feature so I cant be of any help as to comment on the quality of playback.

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SQ is very phone specific. So while there is a red thread between all the XpressMusic versions, 5800 defiantly does not equal 5310 and shouldn't be look as the same how ever much Nokia or SE or how ever wants you to believe that.

Why would SE want us to believe that about the XpressMusic versions? And why are they not equal one another?
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Originally Posted by Sparky191 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Why would SE want us to believe that about the XpressMusic versions? And why are they not equal one another?

Oh.. I think you misunderstand me.. Sony-Ericsson has of course nothing to do with Nokia products but they also have music phones. While it could be agued at least if you are a no-audiophile that nothing wrong with it, it seems to me that their PR departments wants people to assume that are music handsets almost equal to one another in terms of sound quality as you say.

Its a rather complex thing to answer this quistion really:
There is a lot of reasons why they would not be made equal - most of the relates to that these are not audiophile companys and prioritize and think differently about sound quality. As most of the world which doesn't deal with high quality audio they simply don't know, don't care or find it a lower priority against things such as visual quality of the product even if they actually know and care about it. After all humans are a highly visual and we learn from an early stage to depend alot on our visual sense so its natural to focus on that when buying something.

After all even audiophile companys also have to comprimise between SQ and funtionality on all but their reference/statement class products as budgets are always somewhat limited in both how much each product is allowed to cost to make and how much money is allowed to develop it. And even when money doesn't matter there is still places where better sound quality means something else will be degraded.
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I think you are answering why they are not HiFi. I think we all know none of them are HiFi. I didn't ask that. I was asking why are these "music phones" so different in SQ from each other. Are the technical specs very different?
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Hi Everybody,

I just received a 5800. If anybody has any specific questions let me know and I'll try to answer them.

I tested the 5800 with a Denon D7000 plugged straight into it.

Initial impressions: Fantastic Sound. Low end sounds a little fuller than I'm used to - is there a bass boost on the flat EQ setting? I can listen to the headphones at max volume but it sounds like it's distorting a bit (or is that just my ears?).

I then ran the gamut of RMAA tests on it. I'm not going to post the exact results because I used my onboard sound and I'm convinced this was the limiting factor in such a test.

However, has done an unloaded RMAA test. Click on this link. As you can see, it actually has some great measurements. There is a bit of bass/treble rolloff but it's not really enough to cause a major (or minor) audible difference.

I then ran the RMAA loaded with the 25 ohm D7000s. Measurements are still great (mostly flat) but oddly enough there is a ~0.6 db boost at 35 hz. It starts rising from 0hz, has a .6db boost peak at 35 hz, has about a .4db boost at 50hz, then it back to normal at ~100hz.

It's very unlikely I heard this in my initial test. .6db is not much at all and even less significant considering it is at 35hz. I think that for all practical purposes the graph is pretty much indistinguishable (to most human ears) from flat.

Sansa Clip vs Nokia 5800. You're not going to get an audiophile review from me. I'm of the opinion that if you volume match all equipment pretty much sounds the same. If there are differences, it's just splitting hairs.

Unfortunately I was not able to volume match the two of them in the usual way I do so when comparing equipment. The volume of the 5800 jumps up/down quite a bit between the up/down of the volume control so I could just never line up the volumes exactly. I was able to get the volumes fairly close so I tested like that.

Bottom line - They sound pretty much the same. Both have wonderful sound.

I can listen to D7000 at full volume without damaging my ears (or so I think) but it's beyond what I'd want to listen to on a regular basis. I generally only listen to music at home so the volume output of the 5800 is more than enough with low impedance high sensitivity headphones.

If you have a 300 ohm headphone or so I suspect you'll need a separate amp.

As stated, if you have any questions please ask.
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sony ericsson w995 is currently the best sounding phone in the market.
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sony ericsson w995 is currently the best sounding phone in the market.

thats a highly dabatable statement.... SE's track on freq responce is v.good but the real life listening experince is quite opposite... if you can still remmber, the old w810 has a better overall figure compared to n91... w810's SQ is nowhere near n91, bad soundstage so electonize sound nature + the hollow effect... last years' flahship; the w980 is also the same, figures are good but the overall sound sig is artificial + theres no way to turn off the "clear audio" enhancemnt...

I think its too early for us to draw such conclusion for w995, its just released early this week...

Back to 5800, its SQ is very Good.. in fact its one of the best soundin nokia @ the moment (for iems-straight from HP out) IMO... However when paired with amp, i considered the cheap 5220 to be the best and synergize well with ibasso amps (d2 and p3 [stack op-amps])... If you dont have amp and want to use high-imp FS headphones, the Good Old N91 is for you
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I bought a touch and after using it for a while it put me off the iPhone which I was waiting for. I want it mainly as a PDA/PIM then as media device. While I can download PDA/PIM apps for the iPhone/Touch they just aren't full integrated with alarms notifications etc. Also most of these apps have no backup functionality and editing documents isn't there. For media and music the touch is great, but its poor at everything else IMO. Also the screen is always messy which just annoys me. Having to unlock it then double click twice to access music playback controls is just a pain too.

I've decided to get a E71 and get a Sony S638f for music.
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I got my 5800 early June and sold my S639F. Hope that say something bout 5800 SQ LOL

The cons i found on 5800:
1. Low power output. Maximum volume cant even make me go deaf.

2. No folder browsing mode on default music player.

3. Music library corrupted couples of times and cause some music files missing. Suspect caused by slow class2 microsd provided by Nokia.

4. No senseme
only available on some Walkman, spoiled by Sony. But even X1000 series doesnt have it, so cant complaint much.

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