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Nokai Lumia 900

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by kaneman890, Apr 18, 2012.
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  1. kaneman890
    im looking for a new phone and i want to give the new windows phones a try, i already like the UI and stuff, just wondering if anyone has any info on the sound quality.  i will be using head direct re0
  2. tds101
    I used mine with my Cortex CHP-2500 headphones today, and the sq was surprisingly good. It's not earth-shakingly loud, but it has a nice even sound to it. There's no EQ, which I wish it did have. And there aren't any options for an LOD if it's a desired future upgrade. Still, I wanted the simplicity of this, and I'm actually pleased.

    My recommendation is to give it a test, and return it if you don't like it. Me, I'm keeping mine. And I'm coming off of a Motorola Atrix 4G and an iPhone 4 before that.
  3. Dobber
    i find the sound to be a little dull and lifeless. I mostly listen to podcasts with my phone so it's not a problem for me.
  4. tds101
    Well, I don't really expect super sound quality in most of these phones. And when i tried my NL900 with some IEM's the sound was not to my liking. With the CHP-2500 there's a bit of synergy going on I guess. It's quite pleasent. And it actually has BASS!!! :D

    My iPhone 4 had excellent SQ, but it was the small screen that killed it for me. I did love how it sounded though,...
  5. Dobber
    I'm gonna backtrack a little on my previous post. I listened again to
    Some higher quality tracks I synced from Itunes. The sound was better on highs and mids than before, still weak on bass. i was listening to rdio before so that may be the problem. The sound reminds me of the Zune HD. I was using ety hf5. On my Sony players I run clear bass +1, lowest band +1, the rest flat.
    And I get a sound I am very happy with, the Nokia in comparison has no bottom at all. An EQ would help much.
  6. Gofre
    I have the Lumia 800, which I assume the 900 shares audio components with considering virtually everything else in the internals is the same. I'm in agreement with Dobber, audio quality is pretty average. I was only a fledgling audio enthusiast back when I bought it 6 months ago, but even then I was able to recognise a significant step down from my iPhone 4. From what I can remember it seemed a lot flatter, I never thought of the iPhone this way but listening to the Lumia 800 for the first time made the iPhone seem warm in comparison. The low end is particularly lacking, even for listening to the likes of acoustic music. It just feels a bit lifeless. The lack of EQ in any capacity didn't help much either. I'm getting a couple of amps over the coming weeks, so it will be interesting to see how it performs then. Or better yet, hopefully Nokia will find a way to bring over the digital-out functionality from the N8!
  7. Sparky191
    How does either the N900/800 or iPhone4/s compare with the N8 SQ?
  8. kaneman890
    i ended up getting the phone :D.  i think its sounds good but it is very quiet.  i love everything else on the phone though
  9. KT66

    Not heard the 900 yet, but I have yet to hear a better stock phone than a N8, add on the OTG usb DAC feature and
    it wins by a few furlongs
  10. Dobber
    i am really enjoying the phone as well. I'm coming from an iphone 3gs and getting an immediate response to user inputs is definitely much better with the nokia.
    Sound quality with warmer sounding cans(portapro, AKG K518) is acceptable.
  11. tds101
    Just an update. I tried my Incase Sonic hp's with my Lumia 900 (with my cable without the inline iPhone control) and the SQ was excellent!!! The Incase Sonic's go perfectly with the phone. And the volume was nice and loud. I was pleasently surprised,.....

    If you own this phone get these hp's,...you'll be glad you did. :)
  12. J.Pocalypse
    Those Incase Sonic's look pretty nice. I'm looking at getting a 900, but I'm wondering how the TMA-1's sound with it.. Both items are matte black and very minimal in their appearance. I hope they'd be a good pairing sound wise too. 
  13. threed
    I am big phone of windows 7 phone, but my HTC HD7 sound quality is not at all impressive.
    Compared to iPhone it clearly sucks. 
    Anybody able to compare the 900 to either iphone or HD7 ?
  14. Foxjam
    I hope the popularity of this phone leads to more compatible headphones and accessories.  I e-mailed Nokia and the only headphones that can control the volume and whatnot are the Monster Purity headphones.  I also asked about doing audio out of the USB and they said no go.  Coming from my iPhone 4 I'd love to be able to run a line out to my car stereo.  I'd also love more headphones with a built in mic and controls.  I plugged in my Klipsch Image Ones and the phone recognizes something with the controls.  Maybe there are other headphones that would work?  I'm hoping the Fidelio L1 but I think that's a stretch.  
  15. nraudigy2
    Coming from Galaxy S, Galaxy S2 and iPhone 4S. Lumia 900' SQ is close to Galaxy S and iPhone 4S, but for a smartphone it's better than all of those phones.
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