Noise Isolation and Portability of Meze 99 Neo
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Apr 29, 2016
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Apr 29, 2016

I'm thinking of buying the Meze 99 Neo. I would be using them as an all-purpose pair of headphones, so not only for home use but also when on the go. However, I have doubts regarding just how portable these headphones are as well their noise isolation.

First of all, I know they're closed headphones so they should be able to block out most external noise just fine, but in a louder environment such as a bus, with the motor running and radio playing, would I be able to listen to my music without having to turn the volume all the way up? Basically, I'd like to know just how good the passive noise-cancellation on these headphones is.

Secondly, are they too big to wear and carry outside? I don't really care that they don't fold, I just want to know whether it can be practical to use them as portable headphones or if that's a bad idea. I'd like some thoughts on their

That's pretty much everything I wanted to know. If you think there are some other headphones that would be better for my situation, feel free to recommend them, however, keep in mind I'd like a pair of headphones that are similar to these, meaning they should be over-ear and comfortable, have a nice design and a fun sound signature while still being fit for listening to most genres. Also, I'm not willing to go above the 200 euros price-point (that's the price of the Neo's on Amazon right now). Thanks a lot.
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