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Noise-Isolating In-Ear Headphones for sports and plane rides?

  1. enderx30
    Hello all, I'm looking for some in-ear headphones suitable for jogging/gym and can block out noise during an airplane ride for under U$200. 
    I currently own a pair of B&W p5s and I like its sound signature although the midtones are a bit overwhelming and I would like something with accurate, punchier bass.
    I also own the Fiio e7's, if that helps. Much obliged.
  2. enderx30
    I'm currently looking at Etymotic HF3s, Westone 2s, and the Ultimate Ears Triple Fi-10. 
  3. Il Mostro
    For flying, ER4 hands down. I have found nothing that isolates nearly as well.  Westones (I currently have UM3X) are more comfy over the long haul and have different sonic strengths, but isolation is noticeably less effective than ER4's.  
  4. kckc
    I have never heard the ER4 but I have heard lots of good things about it, especially regarding isolation. During my flights I bring my westones with comply tips and I am more than pleased. No engine noise from the plane and all conversations around me are also inexistent with them on. 

    I've never taken my westones to the gym as I don't think they will do very well there. The cable is very nice though. 
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  5. enderx30
    Are any of Jays' in-ear headphones good? d-Jays and the like?

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