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Feb 13, 2006
I was trying to do somethin with my very beat up Koss Sportapro (cheaper variation of the Portapro, also folds behind the head) that i bought in 2003 - some really great headphones although the Portapro are better made. Excellent sound for portables; there are plenty of Koss Portapro reviews on Head-fi since it has been one of Koss models since 1984.

Heres the cool part, I was tinkering around w the headphones and detached the left and right ear speakers. I took a pair of earmuffs for hearing protection, like those runway guys wear at the airport. I pushed the earpieces under the ledge/seal that presses against your head of the earpads on the earmuffs and i ended up with a pair of passive noise cancelling headphones with the sportapro sound. I think i read on the earmuffs package a while back that they reduce noise about 20 db (Earplugs and those in ear monitors reduce noise like 28-35 db). I shifted the headphone pieces around in the earmuffs for correct alignment with my ears and marked the left side so i can tell which way to put them on. Here is the final result. Sounds pretty much the same (little more like closed headphones now) to when i had them on the original headphone band but the earmuffs block out alot of annnoying room noises a/c, fans, dishwasher, people watching tv. Im gonna try these on the bus soon and decide how good they work at a noisier environment also.

i think those were some AOSsafety earmuffs 8-14$ from Home Depot or Lowe's hardware

Here are the pictures!

What do you think?, also post any modifications you could make to this to improve it (different earmuffs, earphone mounting positions, earphone brands to take apart to throw in here that would fit, etc...)
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Dec 14, 2005
My dad does this a lot since he has to work on a tractor a lot...yea I'm a farm boy

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