NocturnaL Audio Custom IEM Discussion and Impressions
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thanks, sounds quite impressed. I never heard the Avalon, but was very impressed when I auditioned the Atlantis. I was hoping the Eden would be an slightly more lively Atlantis.

It seems that Nocturnal are doing a great job tuning their IEM!
The few words I red about Atlantis were all quite positives & now Eden!

My personal favourite among the lineup is the Atlantis. The Eden was too coloured for me.

Unfortunately, I didn't have time to hear the Atlantis, but I did love the Eden's natural, organic sound. It defused all concern I had for Nocturnal Audio venturing into a crisp-clarity-clean-emphasised house sound, and I'd definitely jump at the chance of reviewing it.
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For what it's worth, I've re-written my Atlantis review and, in addition to the side-by-side comparison with my Ultimate Ears Reference Monitors, added side-by-side comparisons with my InEar ProPhile 8 and Campfire Audio Andromeda.:

ProPhile 8 - Andromeda - Atlantis.png

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