Nobsound NS-08E also know as Nobsound 6J9 hybrid tube amp

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  1. Tom Steed
    I have just put a pair of Burr Brown OPA2134PA opamps in and they sound good with the mullard e180f's. I'm waiting for a pair of muses02's to try. If they don't work so well i can always try them in my soundcard.
  2. dhaninugraha
    Looks like I'll be picking up a few pair of opamps from Mouser within 1-2 weeks: OPA2134, OPA2604, OPA2227, LM4562.
    Valvo and Mullard tubes also comes to mind.

    I think I need to cancel my PayPal account and credit cards... :dizzy_face:
  3. Tom Steed
    So i decided to get a pair of hd600's. Yes it was worth it. I play flat don't use eq and it's all there. Bass, mid's and high's but nothing is overpowering. A well balanced sound. I.m using the burr brown opamps with amperex 6688's with absolutely no complaints. I have a few more bits arriving soon and will see if the sound picture changes any.
  4. erich6
    I just got the HD6xx and I can report they pair well with the Nobsound NS-08E and Amperex JEP-6688's. This little amp has plenty of power to give and lots of headroom with the HD6xx.
  5. edulov
    Just a comment about Burr Brown's compatible with this amp. They produce a darker sound. Not so accentuated, but I prefer neutral sound right from the gear.
  6. edulov
    This tiny guy can kill your ears even in 600 Ohm cans. That is why some people were crying that it lacks gain switch to deal with low-high ohm headpnones w/o touching volume button,
  7. dhaninugraha
    These babies just came in the mail. Left my hex keys at home though... Won't be able to try them out in the NS-08E until sometime tonight. *sigh*

    burson ss.jpg
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  8. Tom Steed
    I got a pair of these to try today as well :)
  9. dhaninugraha
    Cool! Which tubes are you pairing them with? I'm currently listening to them with the stock tubes on.
  10. Tom Steed
    At the moment NOS mullard e180f's. I have 6688's to try as well and should be getting some Russian tubes soon.
  11. Tom Steed
    Today i received a pair of dual opamps to try from Charles at Burson Audio. They are V5i hybrid amps, a mix of discrete components and a custom integrated circuit. They are a drop in component and can replace a multitude of differing opamps. 20171110_163913_Burst01.jpg 20171110_161125_HDR.jpg
    The website states that they need a 'burn in' period of around 100hours. Which should be about 5-6 days as i don't turn the nob off.

    My headphone amp is connected to the soundcard in my pc and my music is digital files, blu ray audio and streaming and other file formats. I use an ASUS Xonar essence stxII into the nob with e180f tubes output to HD600's and my first impressions, well it brought a smile to my face. The first file i played was 'on the run' from the pink floyd immersion box set. This is one of the busiest tracks i know, so much going on and everything was there in my ears. The headphones provide the soundstage and the amp drives it. I think it's a perfect match and hope it's gets better as they bun in.
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  12. Slipmyster
    They look the business. Really neat.
    I have a question about the volume pot if anyone can help.
    Mine seems to have a bit of an imbalance toward the right hand channel is it possible to drop in an alps pot ?
    Are they the same size ?
  13. edulov
    Most probably (99%) a disbalance resides in slightly different (or even not so small) REAL electric specs of the tubes. It happens even for the NOB's, not even speaking about a weared second-hand. That is why many people pay extra for selected pairs, since a special testing device measures a set of electric specs for each tube and we can make the most equal pairs.
    If disbalance is not so big and your audio source has a precise L/R balance control (ALL modern digital sound cards and operating systems offer this feature), make a realtime recording, measuring the signal strength for L and R, adjusting it through OS mixer or special sound driver feature.
    Even more, some people don not recommend to use full sound card amplification (so called 100%), using 70-80% interval, where you can adjust your disbalance easily. Do not forget, that our amd is really powerful and you can compensate a volume drop turning an amp's knop instead of amplifying a sound card noises.

    Tell us, if it helped.
  14. Slipmyster
    Mine is connected to a Sony cd player so source isn't a problem.
    I bought 2 matched pair of Russian 6j9's. The pair that is in now only have a few hours on them so I'm going to get the other pair out tomorrow and give them a try. May be swap them around a bit and see if i can level it up.
    Thanks for the help
  15. edulov
    Warming up is happening for valves, but normally we are talking about 15 minutes max after swithing on. Measuring by ear is not a good idea actually. Download RMAA, they implemented realtime amplitude measurement for L/R, so you can see levels on the go.
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