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Nobsound NS-08E also know as Nobsound 6J9 hybrid tube amp

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  1. sup27606
    Thanks. luckily, the noise has disappeared and not come back again.
  2. dhaninugraha
    According to my country's PO, my NS08E package has arrived and on the way to the PO closest to me. Hopefully I'll have the package by this weekend. Can't wait to try it!
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  3. sup27606
    After reading the recommendations in this thread, I was looking for Amperex-JEP 6688 online, but seems hard to find a pair of tubes that says JEP. There are plenty of matched pairs with the name Amperex PQ. Is there a difference between PQ and JEP?
  4. edulov
    As far as I recall JEP - USA made, PQ - Holland made. So their real electric specs could be slightly different. JAN - is a military grade long life version.
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  5. sup27606
    Thanks very much. I see several JANs for sale. I was wondering if anyone compared the sound characteristics of the JAN vs JEP.

    Edit: OK, got my answer from your January post. The JEP version has tighter bass, while the A version has a smoother sound. JEP is it for me then.
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2017
  6. dhaninugraha
    Mine has finally arrived!

    FullSizeRender 4.jpg

    Against the Note 5 for scale:

    Tubes on, ready to rock:

    Them glowing tubes:
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  7. Slipmyster
    Hope you like it. Don't judge it to much with the stock tubes they tend to ring like a bell every time you look at them.
    Let us know what you think.
  8. DangerClose
    More than anything, I think my stock tubes are too bassy. Or to be more specific, too warm and muddy. I probably wouldn't mind the warm if there was less mud.
    Last edited: Oct 19, 2017
  9. Slipmyster
    There is lots of information in this thread on replacment tubes.
    I dare say that the manufacturing process of the Chinese tubes isn't as consistent as it could be so quality is sound may vary.
    Mine sounded very thin and bright.
    But this could depend on the headphone load may be ?
  10. DangerClose
    Regardless of whether someone thinks the stock tubes are bright or thinks the stock tubes are warm and muddy, I think we all agree the most important thing is that the stock tubes can be improved upon even with cheap replacements.

    And for people just getting the amp who don't want to mess with more tubes, it's not like the stock tubes are awful. Even with the stock tubes, it's a good amp in its price range, and beyond.

    The headphone jack annoys me since it's embedded, the big pop sound when you first turn it on is annoying, the power cord is too short, etc, so it's not a perfect amp, but price is a big factor with this.
    Last edited: Oct 19, 2017
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  11. Slipmyster
    Fully agree.
    It's a bit of a bargain.
  12. dhaninugraha
    For $46, it's a keeper. I'm rocking rMBP > Hifiman HM-101 > Mogami 2534 + Oyaide lookalike 3.5mm plugs > NS08E > HD25 (Mogami 2534 & Rean NYS231BG 3.5mm), and the whole shebang sounds -- for the lack of a better term -- balanced, at least to my ears.

    Live recordings like John Mayer's Where The Light Is: Live In Los Angeles, Alicia Keys' Unplugged, this and this is a joy to listen to. Also John Mayer's "Gravity" (from Continuum) and Jason Mraz's "Butterfly" (from We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things.). Punch, dynamics, and details are pretty good for most commercial pop/rock/electronic/EDM/trap/RnB recordings, though I'm certain those who listen to those kind of music would want more (I know I do).

    With the HD25, and my rMBP's volume set to max, I usually listen with the volume knob right on the 9 o'clock mark, turning at most 4 notches up for quieter recordings.
  13. edulov
    Hi. On the recent buy. Can you open it and look which op amps are installed in latest shipments?
    I'll explain my interest afterwards.

    Thanks in advance
  14. dhaninugraha
    Looks like a pair of NE5532s:
  15. edulov
    Thanks. Still the same version. Think about rolling op amps too. You can find recommendations on head-fi. 5532 are old, but actually sound very good. Potentially you can improve lors, high trebble and resolution. But it will be heard in a really good cans only. BTW, a better soundstage (slightly) also is an option with another op amps.
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