Nobody has been able to help me: budget 200$
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May 3, 2009
I've posted all over and nobody seems to be able to help out and recommend me what I need and require. They will be used solely for mp3 player usage.

-fully over the ear cans but are not massive
-folding preferred
-audiophile grade sound quality and bass
-SHORT cord no more than 5ft long, NO COILS
-doesnt need amp
-extremely comfy
-closed back, but if not, they better sound amazing to make up for it
-sound suppression is not important at all to me, just overall sound quality and comfort.

I can't find anything to meet my standards for around $200. People recommend the ATHes7, but they are far below my budget, I'd like to do better. I've shopped for weeks, I can't find anything, nor anyone who can help me out. People keep recommending me sets with extremely long cords even when i say I am avoiding them. Nothing is more important to me than my music and I want to be in audio bliss heaven....I can't find a set with all my requirements for my price range. HALP MEHHH
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Get used ESW9, they do have pretty short cord, great look and sound, but cheezzz, its higher than your budget, cos probably need an amp to, so, maybe your budget are sucking
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Get the Sony MDR-7509HD. They're awfully neutral, so the bass is either excellent or lacking depending on your tastes. If all you want is a low note you can feel, you won't like them. If you like to hear the difference between bass notes, you'll love them.

They fold up, too.

And just so you know, in my opinion, closed headphones are not superior to open ones. Closed headphones are, typically, a step down and should only be used when you need the isolation. Sealing off the area behind the driver introduces all sorts of acoustic problems. There are only a handful of closed headphones I've enjoyed, but I've spent quite a bit on good open headphones.

The cord is not an issue. You can recable any headphone however you want. If you want to shorten a cord, no problem. If you want to replace a coiled cord, no problem.

Also, price does not necessarily equal quality. If I wanted a headphone for casual MP3 use, I'd just get a Sony MDR-V6 and pocket the rest.
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there are almost none that fit your list. check into the middle level of the new shure line. they fit most of your list, but not all. especially the amp part. mp3 players dont have great ampification for full sized cans.

-fully over the ear cans but are not massive
-folding preferred
-audiophile grade sound quality and bass
-doesnt need amp
-extremely comfy
-closed back, but if not, they better sound amazing to make up for it
-sound suppression is not important at all to me, just overall sound quality and comfort.
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Yeah the Shures fit the bill for pretty much everything except the coiled cord. What does everyone have against coiled cords anyway?
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If you have a $200 budget why is an amp out of the question? Not only are you limiting yourself but those phone that work without an amp work even better with one! For $200 you could get yourself an Amp, DAC and a nice pair of headphone that will blow your Grandmas socks off!
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Instead of asking again you can also use the search function of the site, or even google. You can find more information that you think by searching.

Even so there have been some advised, but you might want to check for the ATH M50. The cord is really long, but as mentioned by UE you can make it shorter or recable it to the distance you want to have. If you have some soledring skills you can do it by yourself.
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I have a lot against Coiled cords, they are way too heavy. I want to be comfortable, and not have to lug it around or feel the weight, i do not want to stuff a 10 foot cord into my pocket either.

I know open cans are usually better, but they almost always have extremely long heavy duty cords.

As for changing the cord, how can this be done without voiding a warranty? Does it matter where I get the other cord from? If i had a choice I'd be buying the Sennheiser HD 555 and ripping that cord right the hell out and replacing it with a shorter one. Thing is I've never done that before and I fear ruining them. More people seem to recommend the 555s for mp3 player usage. Ugh, I've got a massive headache, I can't find anything worth wild.

again though i don't want "meh quality" cans. A casual experience is something I am avoiding, I want the best possible set for this price. I want great bass but nothing that blows me face off. I need superior sound quality, its so vital to me i cry at night when i listen to my music via Phillips cans
If i can change a cord easily, I will do so. I still need to find the best possible set for this price
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The ATH M50s has straight cord.
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Hey, above poster who has been a member two months, let's cool it with the attacks on newbies. I'm sick of people yelling at folks asking question on the boards, even when those people asking questions could probably find decent answers by searching a little more. Please either be constructive or don't feel the need to respond to a thread.
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Get some cheaper grados or the MS-1is for around $100. If you're more concerned about meeting your price point than what sound you might like, get the 225is, I think those are right around $200. The cords on these are a little "fat," but typically not long.

MDR-V6s fold up and sound good, but I think they have a coiled cord and the bass isn't as good as the grados, imo. Denon D1001 might be the perfect choice for comfy/bass criteria, but they don't fold up and I don't know how long the cord is. So whatever you pick, you're probably going have to make a few trade-offs somewhere.
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Originally Posted by salannelson /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I'm sick of newbies coming on here and the first thing they do is post a thread asking for a perfect set of headphones that has exactly what they want. But...that's just me.

Nope. That's not just you. First motion for "Team-Sick of Newbies Coming on Here and the First Thing They Do is Post a Thread Asking for a Perfect Set of Headphones That Has Exactly What They Want-Fi?"

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