Noble Savant
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Sep 25, 2015
Are Noble Savant neutral/balance sounding? Also are they veiled? Are they good for acoustic/folk and acoustic/folk live music? And will a Fiio E12 amp power them?
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Yes, they are neutral/balanaced as that is what they have been designed to do. As it states on the Noble website:

"Perhaps the most subjectively balanced in-ear monitor Dr. John has designed thus far, Savant is a detail-oriented IEM with a solid low-end and clean highs. Savant is an expert at playing a large variety of genres well, making it a versatile addition to any collection or standalone piece."

I would agree whole-heartedly with that statement.

To my ears they are not veiled at all.

Impedence is 30ohms so should be easy enough to drive directly out of your source, although they do scale up so you may hear a benefit from amping. An E12 will power them no problem I would think.

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