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NOBLE Savant Thread (Impressions, Reviews, Tours)

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  1. sabloke


    Sounds pretty pretty pretty good
  2. sabloke

    Compared to R2PRO, the Savants are uuuuuge!
  3. WCDchee

    Having reviewed both I find the X to be better in almost every way :wink:
  4. sabloke
    They might be better but April is so far away :grin:
  5. Aradea
    But these are truly have a balanced presentation.. I've never heard IEMs like these before.
    Great stuff from Noble!
  6. notfitforpublic
    Are those custom tips on the R2PRO? Been thinking of getting some for my Sage...
  7. sabloke

    Yeah, the tips are custom acrylic. Made by and audiology store.
  8. sionghchan
    Been spending more time with my newly acquired Savant (the last pair from Headphonebar here in Canada) and I must say that I'm extremely impressed.  In terms of IEMs, my previous experiences are with PSB's m4u4, UE Super.fi 5pro, Shure SCL3.  I use my IEMs with my Fiio X5ii DAP.  My genre, mostly Classical and Vocal Jazz.
    The first few mins - perhaps even the initial first 30 mins, I was actually underwhelmed and actually had a "meh" reaction.  I was scratching my head and was wondering, what was the fuss about?  The highs weren't really extended, the bass wasn't detailed and it sounded very much like another pair of mid centric IEMs.  In fact, initially, I really thought they were quite similar to my other go-to IEMs, the PSB m4u4.  After the initial underwhelming session, I packed the Savants away and didn't return until later that evening.  
    Now, on my second listen, something's changed.  I don't know if it was psychology or was it something physical, I started hearing lots of clarify (with extended non-fatiguing treble).  The real bass started kicking in as well and I'm hearing detailed low ends.  At this point, my eyes popped wide open and I just couldn't believe how different sounding the Savants were.  I swear, this was exactly what happened and I'm not one who believes in burn-in etc.  Perhaps this second time, I was really sitting down and listening critically (although, I was sure, I was also listening critically the first time around).  In anycase, now, I know why the Savants command the respect of so many audiophiles on this board.  It is detailed highs, yet non-fatiguing, detailed bass without muddying the mids and silky smooth mids.  Also, amazing precision when it comes to presence and focus in the sound stage.  It's ability to convey depth in the sound stage is impressive and should be applauded.  Extremely enjoyable listen and pairs very well with the Fiio X5ii DAP.  After this, going back to the PSB m4u4, the PSBs sound muddy and veiled.  
    I've seen some comments about the low driver count in Savant, let me tell you folks, please pay no attention to this.  Reading up on some IEM architecture and design, I'm begining to think that unless you need the IEM to go very loud without distorting, the additional drivers may not benefit you all too much.  My motto has always been, the simpler, the better.  With more drivers, you have more cross overs, and the design becomes more complicated and more issues/compromises come into play. Trust me, the Savant/Sage with 2 great drivers is more than enough.
    I'm truly addicted to the Savants now and just can't get enough of them.  Just wondering, if I'm interested in the same sound signature but with more of everything, is Katana the only upgrade path for Noble?
    Well done, very well done indeed, Team Noble.
  9. FullCircle

    "Less is best," is the mantra of a lot of home audio tower designers, with the theory that every electronic component has the potential to add artifact.

    As far as an upgrade to the savant, Id consider the Noble X (when and if the drop is offered again) the Sage, and the Katana.

    If you can get a chance to test drive each one of them, that would be best. If not, by far the safest vertical move would be the NOble X as it is the cheapest of the three, but certainly not the least of the 3 in sound quality. In fact, i really, really, like the Noble X. Ive been using it as my daily driver the past week. It is just a tad more warmer than the Sage, just a hair shy of being less airy than the Sage.... maintains everything in the sweet spot. It makes the Savant seem like a healthy practice for a low driver count, and the Noble x, an excersize in perfection
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  10. mynamesjeff
    Received some medium Spiral Dots and tried them for a good 2 weeks on my Savants.
    Now i know they are highly recommended in this thread however i really couldn't get into them. Compared to the stock red/orange tips the mids seemed a little bit leaner for my liking (although i think they were more detailed) Also i lost a bit more bass punch as well. 
    Overall i just thought the balance with the spiral dots felt off. 
    Wonder if anyone else felt the same way with the spiral dots on their nobles.
  11. Aradea
    Anyone here has paired the Savants with a (bit) warm source?
    I am thinking since these are a bit neutral in sound, they will benefit from a warmish source/amp
  12. jgosroc
  13. jgosroc

    I think the Westone foam tips are even better than Comply's. I dig the inner plastic ring out and squeeze them over my Savants (and Noble5 and Noble6)
  14. sect44
    It seems these IEMs were replaced by Noble Sage, right? Anyway, I found a brand new Savant for U$320. I'm tempted to get them. Is it a good deal or should I look elsewhere?
  15. Cloudtastrophe
    They were replaced by the sage because noble started making their own drivers and so have a better hand in the tuning. when i tried the savant for the first time with the k10 for the first time, i liked the savant more, but that was a 30 second impression. although.. I own the k10s if that changes anything

    for 300 dollars the savant is a STEAL. It retailed for around 600 i believe
    Last edited: Aug 15, 2017
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