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NOBLE Savant Thread (Impressions, Reviews, Tours)

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  1. FullCircle
    Thanks a ton
    Noble Audio Stay updated on Noble Audio at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/NobleAudio https://www.twitter.com/noblebywizard https://www.instagram.com/nobleaudio https://nobleaudio.com/en/ contact@nobleaudio.com
  2. bimbim
    Have fun~
    i'm still waiting for mine and i hope it comes soon
  3. Rollk2
    So happy with mine, they're so impressive for a double BA ! They compete without problem with TOTL iems I own !
  4. ScottFree

    The Savant and the Noble 4 are my two favourite IEMS. The tuning on the Savants is just fantastic and makes it a true all-rounder. The Noble 4 is a scalpel for when I want the surgical precision to hear every detail of a song. It reveals every element of the track in its own precise separate space.

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  5. Rollk2
    Excellent synergy with the Fiio M3, much better for my tastes than with the PAW5000 and for a much lower price ^^ 
    @FullCircIe, how did you tune that sound with only two drivers ? What a challenge, that's incredible ! 
  6. d marc0

    I'm reviewing the M3 soon! Thanks for sharing, I'll make sure to try the pairing with the Savant.
  7. Gofre
    I'm strongly considering picking up a pair of Savants with a Chord Mojo, from what I've read of both it sounds like a pretty awesome combination and appeals to my sort of sound preferences (relatively neutral/HD800-esque, above average soundstage/imaging for an IEM). This might be the wrong thread to ask about alternative setups, but is there anything else people would recommend reading into for around the same £800 budget? Looking for universal IEMs exclusively, either with source components included in the budget or solely on the earphones if there's anything that will sound better straight out of a laptop/smartphone's headphone jack. 
    Also, does anyone have any idea how long it takes Noble to ship to UK addresses on universal IEMs?
    Any insight would be awesome!
  8. bangkokkid
    I believe we have Savant in stock in North London, shipment would be Special Delivery and should arrive next business day (overnight).
  9. Gofre

    Great, thanks for the info! 
  10. Rollk2
    I didn't try the Spiral Dot and Spin Fit eartips but after the purchase of the Meelectronics biflange I'm back with EarSonics biflange. They offer the best seal and isolation for my ears. For those who have tried the Spiral Dot and Spin Fit, please share your impressions :)
  11. WNBC
    I have a pair of Spin Fit tips on my Rockets, but after your question I decided to swap them out for the Noble medium red tips.  Works well.  No deep comparison of sound here, but the insertion is plenty deep and the bass quantity is still there.  Same level of noise isolation.  The Noble tip bore is bigger.  Would have to spend more time to hear whether that benefits the sound.  
    After spending more time with the Aurisonic tips and Ortofon tips, I prefer the Noble reds and now the Spin Fits.  The Aurisonics and Ortofon tips didn't give me a great seal, which is a disaster for listening.  They may work well for others, but not my ears.
    Also listened to the Savant out of the Liquid Carbon.  No hiss.  But, I gotta say the Savant sounds equally good when driven from the iP6+.  
  12. dulty
    To me the spinfits affect the sound too much, especially the treble. I am crazy in love with spiral dots for all Noble IEMs... Large bore so doesn't affect the sound, very comfy with good seal. The spinfits are very comfy and have good seal too, btw.
  13. mrazik

    I have exactly same experiences with Spiral Dots compare to SpinFits. With SpinFits trebles become to dominate.
  14. dulty
    Yeah, everyone should try all tips possible. It's so much cheaper than trying different IEMs, cables, DAPs etc. :D
  15. mrazik

    I believe, that tips are just one piece of whole Mosaic. To get complete picture, require put all pieces together.
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