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NOBLE Savant Thread (Impressions, Reviews, Tours)

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  1. WNBC
    I purchased the Savant back during the big Winter sale, but only got around to really listening to them now.  Sure, I put them on once or twice before, but not enough to get to know them.  Now on a work trip, I can devote some real time in the evenings to the Savant.  I don't know about mental/mechanical break-in for my essentially new Savant or X5, but about 2 weeks into my trip I'm really starting to appreciate this IEM.  Instead of jazz, I decided to kick in some other genres like the Blade & Higher Learning soundtracks, Bombay Dub Orchestra, Groundation, etc. and the Savant was shining.  One can sit there and pick out the flaws of any IEM, but this one to me appears to me the one that is all about a toe-tapping intimate experience.  Not overly analytical, but sufficient resolution.  Not too much bass, not too little.  Treble sounds good to me.  I am getting a nice seal with the Aurisonics medium SureSeal tips.  I had the old K10U and though not at the same time as the Savant, I might choose the Savant for it's 'attitude'.  Maybe next sale I'll spring for the latest K10U to do a proper comparison [​IMG].
    When I get back to home base, I'm going to try the Savant with the Liquid Carbon, though that might be overkill.  I'm curious to how the Savant will sound with better amplification.  The X5 amp is good, but it's no 2Stepdance or Portaphile, some of my favorites.  People using the Savant with the Mojo?  
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  2. d marc0

    Your impressions quite mirror mine. It's really cool to rediscover your entire music catalogue with the Savant. They got a unique trait that makes a song engaging without causing fatigue.

    Like you I'm really keen on knowing how the Savant pairs with the Mojo. All I know is the better the source, the better the sound on the Savant.
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  3. mrazik
    Savant and Mojo are great couple. I got few DAPs with Savants in the past and Mojo is one of the best sources for Savant I listen. Since I got Mojo, I stop looking for an other sources.
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  4. musiclvr
    Do you hear any hiss/hum from the Mojo with the Savant?
  5. mrazik

    I was asked same question few pages back. Answer is still same. So fare I did not experienced such a thing at all.
  6. WNBC
    Thanks, I'm kind of leaning in the that direction.  The Geek Pulse and X5 are very solid sources with many pluses (and minuses), but I'm curious to try the Mojo.
  7. mrazik
    Mojo will not disappoint you. It is superb with Savant´s and Trinity Atlas either. I have K10U on the way and believe it will work great with them as well.
  8. Danthrax
    The Mojo has made everything I've plugged into it sound better over my xda-2+asgard.
  9. dulty
    After I got my K10UA, I sold my Savants. I love them both but I didn't feel the need to keep them both, I think the K10 does everything the Savant can, mostly better.
  10. mrazik
    I sold my Wizard Savant´s yesterday for same reason, but one day I will get them again.
  11. ScottFree

    Sent from my iPod touch using Tapatalk
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  12. dulty
    Ahahahahahaaaa love the movie, love Mike Meyers [​IMG].
  13. Deftone
  14. Zuckfun
    Just have to pass along a big Thanks to Noble. I've only had the Savant for a couple days, and these were purchased based solely on reviews and faith and hope. My very good Westone W30 gave their last, and it was time to upgrade. And a remarkable upgrade it is. My experiences mirror many of the glowing praises found at the start of this thread. Perhaps suffice to say, the level of clarity and precision in these earphones is nothing short of astounding. To be sure, the Savant is a phenomenal achievement, and a brilliant journey into sonic paradise.
  15. d marc0

    Congratulations! Be prepared to rediscover your entire music catalogue! I find the Savant opens another window where you will experience nuances you haven't heard before from the same music track.
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