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NOBLE Savant Thread (Impressions, Reviews, Tours)

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  1. d marc0

    You're welcome, glad to help...

    As a tribute to Scott Weiland, I've been listening to the Stone Temple Pilots. This track sounds wicked on the Savant...
  2. groovyd
    Am I the only one who gets 'Error ...' at the bottom of all youtube videos of copyrighted tracks and not being able to play them?  This started about 3 months ago now on all websites and it sucks.
  3. twister6 Contributor
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  4. d marc0
    I couldn't agree more to Marcus' description of the Savant's presentation...
    quote from Headfonics:

    Sound Stage & Imaging

    The Wizard Savant is a lovely compromise between being expansive and accurate. The width is just wide enough to sound realistic without being too left/right and staging overall sounds bigger and more hall like compared to the more intimate Classic 4 sound stage. Separation is spacious and with good placement and very accurate imaging and whilst there is not a huge amount of depth or extension I think there is just enough to convey a very believable “3rd row” in the audience type experience. In all a very coherent presentation.


    I really like the photos too!

  5. Fr_eak
    I took advantage of the Black Friday deal and ordered a pair of SLA Savant CIEM. Eventually I took my ear impression at Aidhearing last Friday, and Gisele was such a lady to deal with. She let me try the K10, N4 and N6 again and I do not regret at all ordering the SLA Savant.
    Hopefully I don't need to wait for too long (possibly I can have them between Christmas and New Year, or just after New Year). Will share how the SLA looks and feels like, and if at all there is any difference between the Universal and the SLA Savant.
  6. dulty
    Congrats, I'm sure you won't be disappointed! We are still looking forward to an 'SLA in the wild' write-up. Can't wait. 
  7. mrazik
    I have one question. My Savant`s have serial No. over 1.000. Because I love them so much, I purchased on other pair of them ( please do not judge ) with serial No. below 1.000. Each set have totally different package. Second one is in case labeled by Noble ( first one is in Peli 1010 ), different paper box. Is there more differences on IEM itself? Something sound-wise? I shortly try to listen both of them and I found that sound is not the same. Reason can be, that I got on my old pair different cable, tips and bacause I do listen to my old NS pretty intensively, they are more burned. Honnestly I hope so, beacuse I`m really fascinate with these.
  8. Asiandude420
    I was about to pull the trigger on the savant but then the dealer said the savant is a 3 drivers (didnt say what kind). Dont get me wrong, Id like the savant but when i heard that, I went with the n4 instead. I feel like the mid and high is better on the N4 and its a rip off. 550 for 3 drivers(but they sound fantastic tho). Anyways both are great iem.
  9. mrazik
    I had in the past 4 driver model from another brand and I have now NAS instead and I never looked back. I do not regret single dollar I spent on Savant`s. Big problem is to move on and seems that K10 is only possible direction.
  10. proedros
    Rhapsodio Solar , looks like an improved K10 and it's cheaper. Of course, no hype so you need to do some searching.

    5 reviews so far , all 5/5 *
    Read the Rhapsodio thread , get out of the herd (it rhymes , funny)
  11. mrazik

    Yes you already wrote it to many other threads.  I believe people noticed that.
  12. Brooko Contributor
    The Savant is actually two driver - and one of the best tuned IEMs I've personally heard.  Number of drivers means nothing.  Tuning is everything.
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  13. twister6 Contributor
    I can only imagine how upset he is going to get if he finds out something like IE800 or DITA have only a single wide bandwidth dynamic driver and cost up to $1k [​IMG]
    I understand making a judgement based on sound signature of Noble 4 being better than Savant (relative to his personal taste), but making a decision based on price/driver ratio should not be a deciding factor.
  14. Asiandude420

    Tbh i actually should have gone for the savant. im saying it coz i want to make myself feel better:disappointed:
  15. FullCircle

    Missing thqt extra dash of bass?
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