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NOBLE Savant Thread (Impressions, Reviews, Tours)

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  1. ScottFree
    Sennheiser medium single flange. A slight more snug fit than the small red eartip I use. A buddy of mine did lend me one his Aurisonics iems a short while back with the Sureseal ear tips on and that fit quite well.  Might pick up the medium size Sureseal tip.
  2. d marc0

    MEELEC M9 bi-flanges - best sound, not too comfortable
    Comply - best comfort, warmer sound
    Jvc spiral dots - great sound, great comfort
  3. steffi

    So the foam tips that come in Noble packs. Are they comparable to Comply's? If so which model are they most comparable to? 500 Style is the Noble compatible line that Comply produces. Alternatively the red, blue etc tips that come in Noble packs are they comparable to SpinFits? Is the small, medium, large in Noble packs compatible to Comply's and SpinFits corresponding sizing?
  4. groovyd
    Spiral Dots, great sound and comfort.  much more controlled deeper bass.
  5. RyuX84
    Wow.. i already received my Parcel !!! This was by far the fastest shipping i ever had. And thanks to Brannan i had no issues with the "falang tax" here in Thailand [​IMG]
    Thanks again to the Noble Audio Team, i just started listening to the Savant's and found that for me the blue silicone tips (middle size) seem to be the best fit and sound from the stock tips. 
    The sound is very well balanced along the whole frequency range. I will have a head on head comparison as soon as i get back my Shure SE846 from the repair and my silver cable for the savant arrives.
    But just recalling from Memory i would say the Savant's (without burn straight out of the box) sound well balanced with very pronounced mids. The Bass is solid but not over-pronounced (perfect for me).

    Will now go into the city and give them a detailed listen the whole evening and report back [​IMG]
  6. musiclvr
    Welcome to the Savant Owners Club @RyuX84 !
  7. RyuX84
    Nice to be here [​IMG] Anyone got experience with the Noble BTS ? I was always afraid using IEM's over bluetooth..
  8. dulty
    I had difficulty getting a good fit with the stock tips, am now using JVC spiral dots (great seal and comfort). The fitear bi-flange also give me great seal but are not as comfortable. I usually like Complys, my current favourite being the TS500.
    The stock foam tips are comparable to Comply T500s in shape and size but the material is much different. Complys remain compressed for much longer than the Noble tips.
    @RyuX84 the BTS reduces bass output a bit and looses some detail. It is mostly a convenience item rather than a lossless product. Don't get me wrong, it has much better sound quality than the Sony BM10 I normally use.
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  9. RyuX84
    Just tested the BTS, nice little accessories ! It pairs easily with my Android Phone and i could walk from the bedroom to the kitchen and still have proper sound quality. The amplification is also more than sufficient and should even be fine for bigger headphones.
    I noticed the reduced bass, sounds like a 40hz lowcut rolloff but nothing dramatic.
    I just bought the DX80 but i can imagine if i am on a run and don't want to carry around another device i will go for the BTS + Phone.
    I think when in the city or just going to get something you don't need to aim for audiophile perfection (even though i have to say i am pleasantly surprised by the Noble BTS - bluetooth with this quality, portable, functional, cool)
  10. ScottFree
    Reading about the bts gave me a bit of inspiration for a ad slogan. What do you think. "There's no BS with Noble's BTS".
  11. d marc0
    Black on Black: Noble Savant vs Inear StageDiver 2 Comparison
    FULL REVIEW: http://www.head-fi.org/products/noble-audio-savant/reviews/14687
    I've decided to use POP music as test tracks in this comparison as they are more accessible for everyone.

    BASS QUALITY - Kita Alexander - My Own Way
    Right off the bat, there's a noticeable difference in bass decay between the SD2 and Savant. The SD2's decay lingers a little bit longer revealing a slower bass speed in comparison to the Savant's more prompt bass slams. The Savant sounds cleaner with better texture and detail than the SD2 which is no slouch in these categories. As a matter of fact, I find the SD2's bass to sound really natural which is impressive considering it has a balanced armature driver.
    Layering is excellent on both IEMs; but bass lines are more articulate on the Savant although the SD2 in not far behind. Timbre is equally excellent with the SD2 just sounding a bit thicker in comparison. Finding that the Savant provides a considerable improvement over the SD2 is quite surprising if you consider the difference in bass quantity which will be discussed next.

    BASS QUANTITY - Selena Gomez - Same Old Love
    The bass levels are quite different between the two; with the SD2 leaning closely to neutral and slightly warm in presentation. The Savant has noticeably more bass quantity in sub-bass and even more so in the mid-bass. The SD2 extends really well into the sub-bass region which is impressive for a neutral sounding IEM. The Savant in comparison has a little bit more rumble and is quite apparent in this test track. Bass punch/slam is also more visceral on the Savant due to the mid-bass boost. Fortunately, bass control is kept on check negating any distortion or muddiness. NOTE: Insertion depth and seal are crucial in keeping the bass extension on the Savant. I highly recommend wide bored double-flange tips; not the most comfortable but the sound more than makes up for it. I could just imagine how good the CIEM version sounds.
    Despite having more bass quantity, the Savant doesn't sound warmer in overall presentation. This is because of the upper midrange and lower treble presence.

    MIDRANGE - Adele - Hello
    Both IEMs sound quite similar in the lower octaves of vocal presentation. Adele's voice sounds very natural for both IEMs in the opening verses. The difference only start as the vocals go to the higher octaves with the SD2 just sounding a little bit distant during chorus. Although the SD2 remains neutral in the lower mids, the slight distant upper midrange sets it apart from the sweet upper midrange of the Savant. As a result, the Savant seemed more mid-centric and detailed in comparison to the SD2.  

    This is an excellent track to test upper midrange and lower treble energy. The Savant is more present in the chorus thanks to its more forward upper mids. Again with the SD2, Sia's voice at the chorus sounds distant and less engaging in comparison. The rawness in Sia's distinct voice is also quite lost because of the lack of energy in the lower treble. The Savant on the other hand, while also smooth retains enough treble energy for a more sufficient clarity and detail. This makes the Savant more engaging without the disadvantage of sibilance. I personally find the SD2 just a bit too smooth which is not necessarily a bad thing. The smoother presentation of the SD2 benefits those who prefer to listen at louder than the average listening volume. Quite beneficial in noisy environments where higher volume is needed to compensate for the loss of bass sensation.

    TREBLE - Omi - Hula Hoop
    The SD2 has a smooth treble with enough detail/resolution. Treble extension is excellent and is probably one of the best I've heard in IEMs. The Savant is also smooth in it's treble presentation but has more energy in comparison. I find the Savant to sound more natural especially when comparing the timbre in cymbals. Detail/resolution is also a bit more articulate on the Savant making it the more transparent or revealing IEM between the two. Harsh recordings are more apparent in the Savant so it's more analytical overall. Treble extension is not as good as the SD2 but still maintains enough airiness. Sibilance is never an issue for both these IEMs but more so on the SD2 even if you're listening to a badly mastered track. 
    One thing I found better on the Savant is refinement. The SD2 sounds less refined in projecting micro details so any nuances in a track are better presented on the Savant. I also find the SD2 to be grainy sounding at times which can distract you from having a euphonic experience. At times I hear crackle and pops akin to vinyl records which gives the SD2 its own character. 

    PRESENTATION - Macklemore and Ryan Lewis - Downtown
    Although presentation is above average in size for both IEMs, they do it quite differently. The SD2 has a wider soundstage with good depth and average height. The focus is more from left to right in stereo imaging. Savant on the other hand has better depth and height. While the SD2 is impressive as it is, I find the Savant to have better accuracy in its imaging thus sounding more cohesive or 3D in its presentation. 
    Sound signature is also different between these IEMs. The SD2 sounds neutral but warmer overall because of the polite upper mids and smooth treble. The Savant has slightly boosted bass with sweet mids and slightly smooth lower treble without compromising clarity/detail, thanks to sufficient treble energy to complement the bass.

    LIMITATION - Fetty Wap - Again
    The Savant's balanced sound signature is quite versatile in that most genres can sound great as long as the production is decent. But like any other IEMs out there, (except maybe the K10?) the Savant has its limits and Fetty Wap's Again demonstrates this. The track's bass mix is overly boosted that it sounds distorted even on a full sized headphone like the Philips Fidelio X2 or OPPO PM3. I find that the Savant sounds best with fast decaying bass slams more common in Trance, Electronic, and Dance music.
    I'd like to reiterate Noble Audio's description of the Savant: 
    "Perhaps the most subjectively balanced in-ear monitor Dr. John has designed thus far, Savant is a detail-oriented IEM with a solid low-end and clean highs. Savant is an expert at playing a large variety of genres well, making it a versatile addition to any collection or standalone piece."
    Doing this comparison not only showed how the Savant can outperform an excellent IEM such as the Stagediver 2 but also convinced me how accurate the manufacturer's description of it. Noble has once again impressed me with their masterful tuning and I hope they continue to bring forth ear pleasing products that many will enjoy. 
    Special thanks to @FullCircIe and @bangkokkid for providing this review sample.

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  12. niron
    What an awesome review! Thanks d marc0.
  13. heliuscc
    Mine were ordered last Saturday from US to UK. They arrived Wednesday but I missed the delivery so got a chance to open them this morning. Free BTS as well, I'm really impressed with everything; sound, packaging, price, customer service, speed, the BT sound. Everything. Real change from my Stagediver SD3.
  14. ScottFree

    I've been looking at purchasing one of the Stagedriver models for a while but have always been put off by the semi-custom design. How comfortable is the fit of the SD3 for you?

    Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  15. heliuscc
    Awesomely comfortable like semi customs, may sell them now though
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