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Noble Kaiser Encore (Custom and Universal) impressions thread

  1. TurbinePro
    Hey, just got my pair of Encores. Looked for an impressions thread, found none so here we are. 
    Source is AK240
    My first impression is that these are really good. Really really good. The highs, mids and lows are all there, and they come together perfectly. I'd rate it 5/5 off first impressions, but will definitely do a full review later. 
    Props to the Noble team for always being responsive. The only flaw in the headphone this pair is that the left canal and body is a bit too big, and the CIEMs will soon be sent back for a slight fix which Noble has been nothing but quick in their responses. The build is fabulous and the sound impeccable. I have nothing but superlatives for this pair of CIEMs. 
    Colour me a happy customer. Will post updates on the fix once it comes in. 
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  2. Quadfather
    Well, I currently have the Shure SE846, Shure SRH1540, and Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7 and love them all for different reasons.  All are paired with the newest Questyle QP1R.  I would love to try the Noble Encore Universals.  I seem to prefer universals to customs. People tell me the Encores are a natural progression from the SE846.
  3. Watagump
    Most people just use the Noble thread for discussions, pictures, etc etc, so this wont get much traction. QP1R and the AK240 both rock with the K10, the Encore and the Katana, which I just heard recently, OMG clarity.
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  4. BulldogXTRM
    I've been interested in Noble for a while but have only tried their lower end universal stuff. I'd like to get into the higher end stuff like the Encore or the Katana but I just have a hard time spending that kind of money on a universal. However I have considered buying a used Encore or Katana universal and having them converted to a custom at InEarz/Fisher. I think it would be cheaper than the $2099 price tag for the custom straight from Noble.
  5. Watagump
    Yes it will, I have had 2 done by InEarZ, not Noble stuff though. Noble though when it comes to design, IMHO, best in the business by a long shot.
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  6. scottsays
    Just got Encores---wow, is all I can say. I am running it through my AK 120 II--Thelonious Monk never sounded so good.
    I am looking forward to what they sound like after burn in----but straight out of the box they are incredible.
    I might sell my AKG 812 and Fostex TH 900---these sound better.
    I learned the hard way--purchased 5 or 6 $ 300-400 IEM's--Jvc Ha fw-01, Klipsch x20 I, Earsonics SM 64, Sen IE 800, others-
    sold them all to buy these. These are on a completely different level of quality--rivaling and perhaps surpassing my over the ear "flagship" models.
  7. Solarium
    Not many people own the new Encores or something, this thread is so quite!

    I just bought the Encore Universal's to replace my SE846's, which I'm looking forward to make comparisons, along with my HD800.

    I'm actually looking to move from my full sized gear to IEM's if this purchase can satisfy my needs.

    Any comparisons between the Encore's and SE846's vs the HD800's? How do the Encores pair with the Mojo? What tips should I get that's not included in the package (should I get Comply's?)
  8. doraymon
    Unbelievable that there is no discussion about these spectacular earphones...
    Arrived yesterday taking advantage of the Black Friday offer, I am excited by the first impressions!
    They have the most neutral and realistic tonal balance of any IEM I've owned (SE-846, k3003 etc.).
    They are spectacularly revealing and detailed without being harsh on y the highs.
    Bass is tight and precise, spot on!
    With some genres I would do with a tad more punch but I'll fine tune that with the next custom cable...
    Very happy hedfier here!
  9. doraymon
    Has anyone tried to use third party tips with the Encore?
    I have some silicon Star Tips I could try but the channel seems much smaller than the one on the stock tips...
  10. styks
    Mine should arrive Tuesday! ... Excited and it's only Sunday, old kid at Christmas! :)
  11. Jstn01
    Has anyone done a comparison between these and the 64 audio u18/a18?
  12. styks
    No sorry my friend, mine should arrive today but not heard the U18.
    It appears as if this thread is defunct now, no movement on it in several days. Only me since December.
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2018
  13. WayneWoondirts
  14. Jstn01
  15. styks
    Hello guys,
    I now have a pair of these wonderful earphones, stunning, love them. Universal.
    However I'm in a quandary about tips. I have been using Comply T500 but I feel as if I may losing a bit of treble detail and sparkle compared to silicon tips. I've read this about foam tips so it's possible it could be psychological. ??
    The supplied tips don't suit me, tried some others but the ones I find a good fit, RHA Dual density and Spunfit CP100 are not as open to the ports. They fire, unhindered, but into a small chamber created by the tip before finaly exiting into the ear canal.

    In your experience how is this likely to effect the sound? ........ I'm new to these Encore and as I said these are the only silicon tips to date that fit my ear so it's hard to tell if this is having a negative effect?

    I would rather the ports fire directly into my canal of course.
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