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Noble K10U Aluminum in new condition - please read

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  1. HoodedHoodlum
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    Hey there everyone,

    Up for sale is my pair of Noble K10U in new condition. The IEM units themselves are in new condition, with less than 5 hours of listening on them.

    I had another pair of these exact IEMs before, that got a good amount of use, before I dropped them, and messed up one of the low frequency BA drivers, so I sent them (the old pair of course) in to Noble to be repaired.

    Noble got back to me saying that they were unrepairable, so they decided to replace both units for a fee.

    SO, the IEM units themselves are new, BUT the accessories (tips, Pelican case, etc.) are used, from my old pair.

    ALSO, I do not have a cable for these. The cable you see in the pictures is from a pair of iSines that I have, but it works well. I don't know if you want that, but if you do, be my guest. I recently sold some Noble 4U, and since I only had one cable for both Nobles that I swapped back and forth, I included it with the 4U, as back then I wasn't planning on selling these, and was thinking "Eh, I'll just get another cable later."

    Why am I selling these? Well, I bought some Shure KSE1200 not long ago, and those have taken up the majority of my IEM listening, and I already have other IEMs, so I thought I'd downsize a bit (plus, I'm also trying to fund an RME ADI-2 DAC =D).

    Anyways, thanks for reading!

    Pictures with timestamps: https://photos.app.goo.gl/Z5brPvueBRYuKR1e9
  2. HoodedHoodlum

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