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Noble Django Universal IEMs

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  1. josephthebassist
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    D2FBD1B4-0D10-4C15-B7CF-7C4702372575.jpeg B385C278-133A-4848-AD13-7A6E64E9EC19.jpeg
    Excellent Condition Noble Django Universal IEMs for Sale. Perfectly functional and sounds extremely musical and fun. It is not V-shaped but rather with a firm focus on a more liquid and rich sound with strong mid-bass and vocal performances. In addition, it is a great IEM for rock, pop, and RnB and does a heck of a job livening up a lot of EDM genres. It is the kind of IEM you can relax and enjoy but not once do you ever feel you are losing out on detail because it has plenty of that. Importantly, it also stands tall with competing IEMs at this price point without sounding like a “me too” project. There is a very definite coloration and uniqueness to the Django sound that makes it out as qualitatively different to the Andromeda, Model, X, and the 64 Audio A6.

    Bought in 2017 from Stereo SG. Has been lightly used and well taken care of since then. The IEM is in tip top condition, except for the slight cosmetic blemishes on the metal casing.

    Comes with the original Noble 2pin cable, original box, pouch and unused eartips, AAW Earphones Casing and original receipt.


    -6 balanced armature drivers per side

    -Updated Noble universal form factor and geometry featuring precision machined aluminum faceplates

    -Sensitive enough for use with smartphones as well as portable amps and DAPs

    -Hand-assembled and matched

    -Detachable cable with industry standard two-pin configuration (0.78 mm diameter)



    Price includes shipping and PayPal fees.
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