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Noble Audio - the Wizard returns!

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    Noisy and dropouts. I was very surprised. Of course, I have expensive balanced cables for the AK240 & AK120 II for most of my better IEMs and headphones, so the bluetooth performance is really irrelevant for me. I am much more likely to use the Sony A17 or my phone with the BTS.
  2. SGHLT
    Anyone notice the sudden surge of K10s on sale in the classifieds? [​IMG]
  3. shigzeo Contributor

    The Sony performs better? I have an AK240 on loan for a while so I can check. I'll also add an iPhone 4S to the mix. 

    Just pulled the trigger after seeing this, can't wait for them to come!
    How long will be the est. shipping time from the US to Taiwan?
  5. bangkokkid
    Excellent, thanks very much for your support! Transit time should be 4-5 business days max.
  6. project86 Contributor

    My experience is that the Sony A17 and the ZX1 both do far better with the BTS compared to any of the newish AK models. I've heard the original AK stuff was better in that regard.
  7. cuiter23
    You're saying that the BTS sounds better on the Sony Walkmans that don't have AptX? That's great news for me haha.
  8. project86 Contributor

    My error, let me clarify. First, I meant to type ZX2 instead of ZX1. Dang iPad! I haven't actually spent a lot of time with the ZX1. I assume it would do equally well but I don't know.

    Second, I was referring to basic functionality rather than strict SQ. Both those Sony devices pair well and have great range with very good reliability. The AK models have shorter range and give frequent dropouts. Very disappointing. Not that I would spend that much to primarily use BT anyway, but it would be nice to have it work well in case I did want to use it.

    As for SQ, the A17 did an excellent job with BTS. Very good SQ. I only recently got the ZX2 in so I haven't done critical listening with BT yet.

    I honestly haven't had time to research that model as much. Does it not have aptX? I assumed it would since the A17 does.
  9. BaTou069
    Hello Dear K10ers (and especially the DX90 users under you),
    My current setup is mostly DX90->Shure SE846 (sometimes stock cable, sometimes silver cable from ted)
    I'm thinking to switch to the K10, but I'm not sure if I want to add an amp into my chain.
    I read that the K10 scales well, but the DX90 should have a decent internal amp for IEMs. So how does it compare for pure DX90->K10 use VS with an amp in the chain?
  10. shigzeo Contributor
    The DX90 is a nearly perfect source with a nearly perfect output for IEMs. You don't need an amp. And, even if you added an amp to your chain, there are maybe a handful that could keep up with the DX90's output. It will be perfect for the K10.
  11. Cotnijoe

    Its true that the DX90 is basically iem heaven. Its ridiculously quiet thanks to its low output inpedance. Its pairing with iems are generally quite spectacular.

    My only issue is that the DX90 is a bit on the warmer side and paired with the k10u can be fairly rich sounding. For some its a plus, for someone like me who favors a brighter sound, not so much. But most people looking into the k10 are looking for that creamy musicality the k10 is known for anyways, so it might just fit most people well.
  12. tin427
    Have you update your fw to 2.3.0?
    This firmware improves quite a bit on top and soundstage which makes my k10 to another level.
    The 2.2.0 is bass heavy and matching  with k10 would have excessive bass for someone.
  13. OmsJtmz32
    Yup, I am using the K10 with FW 2.30 and I agree it is better with the FW 2.30 than the FW 2.20
  14. Malevolent
    My DX50 runs the K10 just fine, so the DX90 should not have any problems with them. In fact, the K10 sounds pretty damn good with most sources I've tried, so you're not falling short with a DX90.
  15. Wilderbeast

    Over the past few months I've owned the Cowon Plenue 1 and the AK120ii. With the K10s I prefer the DX90 over both. The P1 is fantastic but with the K10 it sounds too warm and dense for me. I found the AK120ii unbearably harsh with the K10, and could only listen for about 10 minutes max.
    The DX90 sounds lovely with the K10s. I honestly find the combination as detailed as the AK120ii but without the harshness. 
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