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Noble Audio - the Wizard returns!

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  1. krismusic Contributor
    I have custom silicone tips for my IE8's. I also use custom earplugs (silicone) at work. I have had acrylic CIEM's in the past and now have the K10's. I haven't found there to be substantial differences between materials comfort wise or ease of insertion. Never used lubricant. One handy tip. To remove try just lifting the bottom of the CIEM with your thumb. Mine just pop straight out. HTH.
  2. groovyd
    Def won't come out doing that... starting to think my molds were just never done properly.  they fit tight like an implant, perhaps the audiologist who molded them made believe they were for a hearing aid instead, not sure if there is a difference in the process or perhaps they just to aggressive with their glue gun. The molds came with a tube of gel.
  3. krismusic Contributor
    AFAIK hearing aids are pretty similar to CIEM's with regard to the mould. I've had CIEM's come with lube. Never needed it.
    A good audiologist experienced in taking impressions is key. Maybe Noble have someone they can recommend in your area.
  4. Chiyo
    This. The seal easily breaks when I lift the bottom of the CIEM with my thumb and then I twist it forward until the whole thing comes off. I remember how hard it was to remove my 4C when I first got it since the seal won't break.
  5. fiascogarcia

    I also have the K10's and silicone custom ear plugs.  When brand new, the silicone ear plugs were more difficult to insert due to the friction with the ear, but as I used them they accumulated some body oil and just became smoother to insert.  No such issues with acrylic.  If acrylics continue to be really difficult to insert, they might be too large for the canal.  If silicones are hard to insert, don't spit on them, get some Oto-ease.  Works really well and leaves no residue.
  6. SGHLT
    I just received my first CIEM in the form of K10 (acrylic, of course). 
    Ear impressions were done with open mouth/bite block as advised by John. 
    The fit is good and comfortable with great isolation. Easy and painless placement. 
    I found removal easy by slipping tip of thumb in the space between the anti-tragus and anti-helix. 
    Hope it helps. 
  7. Malevolent
    Yeah, this is what I get with my K10 (and my other acrylic CIEMs). A snug fit that isolates a lot of the ambient noise. Music sounds great, so there is no lower frequencies lost here. At first I was having a tough time putting my CIEMs in and out - this was mostly due to inexperience. With time, putting them in and taking them out have become routine and easy. It's not anything to do with oil or wax buildup, either - I clean my ears and my CIEMs regularly. Do have a look at the Noble models, specifically the K10. Great workmanship, great build, and best of all, great sound.
  8. krismusic Contributor
    +1 for Otoease rather than spit!
    I think from that diagram I am going between the Tragus and Antitragus.
    I get a seal like nothing else with my K10's. Much more so than the JH13's I had previously. When I first put the K10's in I was shocked by the isolation.
    I've only had the K10's a few days and am still getting used to the fit.
    I thought at first that the bores were too big for my canals. I seem to be getting used to them but the sensation in my ears is very "full".
    How comfortable should I expect them to be?
    I have read of people saying that their CIEM's just disappear after a while.
    I've never had that. They are not at all painful though.
    I agree about the build and sound of Noble. :)
  9. mscott58

    Agree with all of this.

    K10's felt weird and insertion was hard at first but then I got used to it and now it's no problem. In fact if they feel weird I know it means I haven't put them in properly.
  10. groovyd
    I'd just go there and let them do it right... I hate guessing games.  Pay that much for a pair of IEM things better fit perfect and sound incredible.  I wouldn't trust anyone else to do it than the guys at Noble.
  11. groovyd
    there's the problem... my ear looks nothing like that picture, don't even have a tragus
  12. krismusic Contributor
    That's where the expertise of the audiologist and Noble comes in. You could send Noble a photo of your ear to check that they are happy to work with what you've got.
  13. Watagump

    My audiologist has yet to let me down. There are plenty out there that do them just as well as anyone else.
  14. SGHLT
    Sitting on my bed reading and writing a paper. Turned the music off on a couple of occasions to simply enjoy the insolation and silence. 
    I went to the audiologist in town who does hearing aids mostly. Showed him the Noble page on impressions and that was it. 
    10 minutes and a kleenex of drool later, I was out of there and mailing the impressions off. 
    Maybe it was just lucky for me to have it worked out well. 
    Again, thanks for the close communication and help, Brannan! [​IMG] 
  15. Watagump

    I have never used a bite block, nor have I had any drool. I guess that means I DO have a DRY sense of humor.
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