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Noble Audio - the Wizard returns!

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  1. dulty
    Congrats, those are great looking! Are those dark smoke with silver flakes? Any bigger/better pictures?
  2. mscott58

    Huge upgrade IMO, but as others have said its all about what sound signature you like. Cheers
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  3. vhsownsbeta

    Yes and yes.


  4. dulty
    Those are so cool. I am starting to like the simpler designs for some reason... Dark smoke with silver flakes and a light smoke body to show the beauty inside... Hmmm..
  5. Watagump

    Those sound decent, the ones I am looking at are $35.90. I found some 801 thread count that are solar powered, so they are better than yours, but they are $35.91, so WAY over my budget.
  6. mscott58

    Go with the tube-based sheets - they're much warmer.
  7. groovyd
    I have been considering replacing my ER4s with K10's but the problem I have with the 4's and perhaps this is only with them is no matter what tips I use one ear hurts bad after 30 min while the other ear feels fine.  Is the inner pressure of the tips does it and perhaps this would be an issue for me with any IEM inside the ear?  I have custom silicone molds for them and while those do not hurt they are terrible inconvenient to insert and remove and i hear every jaw movement and breath with them in.  Would the K10 solve these issues for me?  Is it to get a hard non-silicone custom mold perhaps that doesn't go in as deep so as it is easier to insert and remove and doesn't give me the vacuum chamber in my ear feeling?  Is there any way to try some stubs or something to know what they would feel like before ordering them?
    I also like the sound of the ER4s but i imagine the K10 to just blow them away all over the place, deeper bass, warmer mids, smoother highs, richer sound?  My go to headphones are LCD-X/XC if that helps. Oh and also the ER4s is not very efficient and really needs an amp to shine but I would prefer something more efficient.  It also does not need to isolate and seal as well as the 4's, half that would be fine if it provides greater comfort and a more open sound.
    I lived in Santa Barbara for the most memorable years of my life so it is nice to me to know that is where they are from.
  8. krismusic Contributor
    I would be very cautious about spending so much on CIEM's when you have had issues with custom tips.
    Maybe try a cheaper model? The N4 is stonking bang for buck IMO.
    I know it is logical to expect silicone to be more comfortable than acrylic. I do not think that is necessarily true.
    IME silicone is maybe more forgiving though so if you have had issues I would not expect acrylic to solve them.
    I think different people have different tolerance of IEM's and CIEM's. They have always felt slightly alien to me but I can "tune" that out when they sound so good.
    There are issues with full size. Clamping force, weight etc. depends what you personally can tolerate I guess.
    I hope those rather vague thoughts help in some way!
  9. Watagump

    Really tough to answer your fits issues. Maybe the noble 4S would be the solution, you get the silicone shell, plus you get a CIEM that has a really high rating for SQ. They are cheaper than the K10, but pricey since its silicone. But then again, maybe going a full custom would solve fit issues.
  10. fzman Contributor
    I think simpler designs 'last longer'.  Sometimes things that are initially very striking do not 'wear' well, and become garish/annoying-looking over time, like "What was II thinking when I bought that lime green turntable".   Just my 2 cents worth (I am NOT referencing any of the pieces shown in this thread, just the concept of really, visually intense designs-- and no, I have never owned or even contemplated buying a lime green table)..
    That said, how much time, perhaps as a percentage, does the artistic/purely aesthetic part of the fabrication process take?  Do the wizard's hands make the fanciest, most aesthetically customized ciems?  If so, how does that work if he does not live anywhere near where the lab is?  
  11. fiascogarcia

    I agree.  It's crazy so many Head-fiers around here are so willing to throw tens of dollars at this stuff!
  12. Dexter Morgan
    LOL. Love this.
    You may be right. I'm not so sure though. Look at what Bose does with their storefronts, and people spend more than $1600 on that stuff. Granted you could argue that "home theater" plays a larger role in the American psyche than headphones, but the culture is changing as more and more people with personal devices (smart phones) listening to music on the go. You might not get tons of people wanting to spend $1600 on headphones... the audiophile market is niche and relatively small indeed. But the concept of a pair of custom molded headphones for around $400 (like the N4)... I dunno, I could see that interesting a sizable lot of people who don't want to walk around with giant headphones on their heads. Plus, there is that uniqueness/exclusivity factor that certain people are attracted to. I love when people ask me about my K10s... yes I live in a safe neighborhood. The biggest stumbling block would be educating the public about the fact that such an item does exist, how it works, how much better it sounds than earbuds, etc. That's where a storefront is helpful. Although a cleverly setup internet advertising campaign on major websites and user-friendly ordering process might do the trick too. Definitely a risk and a challenge, but I still think this market has room to grow.
  13. Dexter Morgan

    If you're wondering whether acrylic would create the same level of vacuum seal as silicone, I think it's safe to say the answer is no. From what I've read, the seal of silicone is much more vacuum-like and is about 10dB more than acrylic (if I remember correctly). I don't get any kind of vacuum chamber effect with mine. As for ease of insertion and removal, I cannot tell you how friggin' easy it is for me. I don't know if it's a result of the shape of my ear canal, but it's insanely easy and a non-issue. After a few weeks of practice, I can get them in faster than my universals because I don't have to roll the tips and adjust for proper seal. Perhaps it's your insertion technique? Have you watched this video?
    Regarding efficiency, the K10s are very easy to drive. They sound totally satisfying out of an iPhone, and just get better as you go up from there.
  14. SGHLT
    The sheets with aftermarket balanced cables or the K10? [​IMG]
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  15. AUserName501
    Had the Noble BTS for a few days now and I'm somewhat disappointed for such an expensive device. Using it with a Galaxy Note 3 (SM-N9005) and Touchwiz Lollipop ROM with AptX.
    The problem is that the range is very poor. I can have the BTS clipped to my collar and get stuttering if my phone is in my jacket or trouser pocket to the extent that if my arm is in the way it stutters. Touching the BTS around the headphone jack area also seems to introduce a lot of interference. I don't expect amazing range from a bluetooth device but I did expect it to work without issues over such a short distance.
    The rubber cover over the charging port often doesn't stay down properly which can be annoying.
    It's also a shame that AptX - Low Latency isn't supported because there is a enough latency between audio and visuals that lips don't sync properly.
    The low output impedance and low noise floor is a good start from Noble but I think the range really needs to be improved. I'll try with some over bluetooth devices.
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