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Noble Audio - the Wizard returns!

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  1. Dexter Morgan
    Okay guys, I seriously thought the whole 320 kbps vs. lossless was placebo effect. I did an experiment years ago with my Shure 530s and, even with confirmation bias, could not tell the difference between the two if I was honest with myself. The K10s are the first earphones I've ever had where the difference is, like, highly noticeable. Night and day. I have been schooled. Everything sounds crystal clear and smooth. The sound is so much more "filled in" now with body and oomph, and the imaging and realism is much better. I'm kicking myself for waiting so long to go from Spotify to Tidal. These really are headphones that beg for higher octane gasoline. Can't wait to improve my DAC and see what happens next. Okay, excited teenage girl rant over.
  2. Watagump

    Brannan knows what I meant. [​IMG]
  3. bflat

    You are not the only one. I inadvertently did a 100% blind A/B test of my own. I put together a DAC and amp on my home system so my Mac was simply a transport for my ALAC files. I took the exact same DAC and amp to my office and the only difference was instead of my Mac Pro as transport, my office system is a Macbook Pro laptop. I used a cool utility called Double Twist to sync my iTunes library and playlist to a USB drive so I could plug in to my Macbook.
    When I put the system together at work, the sound quality was worse than home. In short, it sounded muffled. I brought the components back home and sound was fine. I thought the problem was that the USB to my DAC at work was through my TB monitor, while at home it was directly from the Mac. So I switched cables, tried optical, different power cords and still no solution. When I inadvertently saw that my 64 GB thumb drive was still 80% free, I then realized that I didn't change the default sync settings on Double Twist and it had compressed all my ALAC  to 256 MP3. When I corrected this, sound quality returned to normal. The entire time I tested "B", I was 100% convinced the files were the same. There was no chance of placebo effect.
    BTW, the max rate that Double Twist will sync is 16/44 without compression so I had manually copy my music files. This was a while ago so maybe they increased the sampling rate.
  4. Watagump
    Would you guys be interested in a K10 WE? That stands for Wata Edition, I personally give thumbs up for all designs being sold. I get 20% for my services of course. I don't do any of the actual design or work, I don't want to break a nail, but you get the satisfaction of knowing I think its cool.
  5. Cagin
    I'd be only interested in the M12, Majestic 12. A Prestige version of course. :cool:
    12 drivers made with recovered alien tech more elusive than the Kaiser Soze himself
  6. fiascogarcia
    doublea71 likes this.
  7. kalrykh
    The entire discourse took place here in this thread sir.  Nothing inside about it.  But I'm all for Willy Wonka memes!
  8. fiascogarcia

    Oops!  I'm a little on the slow side sometimes!  Alright, most times!
  9. Watagump

    You got it, after hearing the K10 I just felt it must feel like 6-8 months waiting for them.
  10. kalrykh
    Hey there's a Kaiser Sose browsing this thread...could it be?  Is that the man himself?
  11. Watagump
  12. VisceriousZERO
    Talk about guys who went Savant Prestige... xD
  13. bflat
    quick question - which pin is the positive one on the cable connectors? Is it the pin furthest from the nozzle (closes to the back of my head)?
  14. FullCircle
    if u look at the male socket, (overmolded area that holds the pins)  you will find a blue or red dot.   The pin nearest to the dot is the poitive pin
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  15. bflat
    Cool thanks! That's what I thought. The dots were facing to the rear of the earpiece and not towards the nozzle when I got my K10Us.
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