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Noble Audio - the Wizard returns!

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  1. Ike1985
    Guys, I just got my impressions done.  Tell me what you think of them, are they ok?  The audiologist didn't have a bite block after they told me they did, but none the less has something approx. 1" for me to bite on.  My concern is that he didn't fill the helix completely with goo when he did it.
    front view:
    bottom view:
    canal view:
    canal view:
  2. longbowbbs
    No, however, I did request something "Interstellar" for a design. I like them a lot.
  3. krismusic Contributor
    I would email Noble and ask them.
  4. mscott58
    I ended up having my impressions taken 3 times. First time Brannan didn't get them deep enough. Second time the local audiologist got them deep enough, but didn't fill the outside of my ear enough. Third time (like Goldilocks) was just right! 
  5. longbowbbs
    I am pleased to say Brannan nailed them the first time. Long drive to Cali from Wisconsin for repeats!
  6. mscott58
    Luckily they spotted the impression errors long before my shells were actually in production. That's one of the (only?) benefits of the waiting period. I didn't end up losing any time due to the impression issues. 
  7. Ike1985
    I think mine were not filled on the outside enough.
  8. Watagump
    Just got back from a sit down with Brannan at T.H.E Show. We have 2 major issues that needs fixing ASAP.
    1: He has never seen an episode of Breaking Bad, of course I got a I like your shirt from some random couple, I was wearing my BB shirt.
    2: He likes Sushi, it better have been good, I bought him lunch, since its like meeting a rock star.
    I also used my Ninja skills and went in the back way, saved the $15. [​IMG] So in closing, I got to meet Brannan and you didn't, be jealous. [​IMG]
  9. mscott58
    Unfortunately I'd tend to agree. The impression on the right in the first photo looks like they didn't fill it enough. That's what my second set looked like. Best to check with the pros of course! Cheers 
  10. Watagump

    I had my new impressions done on Wednesday. She did do them 3 times also, 2 in one ear, one in the other. She did a redo on my first set also, no bite block has been used either time.
  11. THEcoatedwaif
    Except I DID and I have proof, where's yours?? /s 
    You nailed it, meeting Brannan is like meeting a rock star, and he's tall. I think I'm just short [​IMG] 
    BTW what BB shirt were you wearing? 
  12. Watagump

    He is slightly taller than me.

    My bday cake from last year, I think I posted pics before.
  13. kalrykh
    So when do you have to go to court for the temporary restraining order Brannan took out?
  14. Watagump

    Pfft, I saved him from boredom. One of the parking dudes said today would be the most crowded, I think he must be smoking crack. Sundays are usually the biggest days for these type of events. Is it wrong I didn't even listen to anything while I was at the show? [​IMG] As others have said, I was very surprised to see how small the universals are. The camera really does add 10 pounds.
  15. echineko
    Sacrilege! :p
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