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Noble Audio - the Wizard returns!

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  1. krismusic Contributor
    Nice mea culpa. It takes a big man to admit error. Respect.
  2. fnkcow
    After waiting for 2 weeks due to some shipping mishaps, the Noble BTS has finally reached me today. It's much smaller than expected, as shown in photo below next to the white QCY and the black Elecom.
    First thing I did was letting BTS charge fully for a couple of hours.
    Using my A12, I noticed the static noise is present, on par with the QCY and less than the Elecom. Don't have anystatic noise if I plugged my A12 straight into my phone.
    I was surprised to hear a very loud pop sound when I plugged my A12 into the BTS with it switched on, as I didn't expect it to since it's significantly less with the QCY and none at all with the Elecom so I never give much thought to it until I tried it on the BTS. Sure enough, tried a few times with all three and results are consistent.
    Now comes the most significant issue I have with the BTS: it does not have enough juice to drive my multi BAs and hybrid IEMs. My A12 becomes bass anemic and the drop in bass quantity is huge. It's like the low frequency drivers simply stopped working. A12 only has an Impedance of 16 Ohms and sensitivity of +/- 117dB SPL @ 1mW. Strange. All my phones can drive my A12s okay. I've changed to my easy-to-drive IEMs and same thing happens. I've switched sources between my PC and phone a few times, switched IEMs and switched between the BTS, QCY and Elecom. All results are consistent. The bass is back with the other two, but missing with the BTS.
    Wasn't expecting the BTS to be a miracle but then again wasn't expecting it to fall short either. 
  3. FullCircle
    For me, I.don't notice a bass drop off with my I pad, cowon j3 & Sony Xperia. I think results will vary with some many parameters involved. I like the bts more due to the freedom it provides more than the sound quality it provides.
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  4. Ike1985
    Since so much of this ranking of CIEMS is subjective, I doubt you will be right.  But if you are, good guesses! 
  5. fnkcow
    I don't notice such problems either using my QCY and Elecom with my phone and PC running aptX and Blutooth 4.0, tested with my different IEMs. I could drive the same IEMs wired using my weakest phone as source. But this becomes a big issue for me using the BTS. Literally couldn't get the low frequency drivers to work. I wasn't expecting top sound quality either, but at the least is that it works properly and it is not.
  6. mscott58
    I've been using my BTS with my K10's, using my iPhone6 as the source and haven't had any type of bass-related issues at all. The SQ isn't the same as using cables, but that isn't to be expected. 
    Wonder if you have a defective unit? 
  7. Watagump
    I think I will get new ear impressions today, 9am sounds good. I say that without humor, don't want to tell a joke.
    fiascogarcia likes this.
  8. fnkcow
    That was my concern too at first listen
    The mids and highs sounds decent enough though. If it's defective how could it impact only the bass? Even at high volume only the bass is missing
    So I'm leaning towards not being able to drive my IEMs more
    If someone could enlighten me I'd definitely be keen to hear it. I want the BTS to work for me afterall
  9. rmullins08
    I've got no issues on the bass with my N6 with the BTS
  10. mscott58
    Have you tried listening to a frequency sweep/steps to see where it cuts off? Might be interesting data. 
  11. joe Administrator
    @fnkcow - I've been using the BTS all morning with the Sennheiser MOMENTUM, and switched to the Final Audio Design Heaven VI (it's the first IEM within reach), and I do notice a bass difference between the headphone jack of my iPhone 6 Plus and the BTS. Via the BTS, bass is still there, but with both the Heaven VI and the MOMENTUM, I'm not hearing the low bass as prominent. It hasn't distracted me at all though, and I'm guessing it has more to do with Bluetooth versus wired than anything else. I'm still enjoying my ease of mobility while my phone sits on my desk. 
    I'm sure I'll be using the BTS with a variety of headphones and IEMs, as time goes on though. I listen to headphones most of the time, but I'm trying to give more IEMs a listen. 
    And then, eye candy: 
  12. Malevolent
    The SE535 sounds a lot more lush than the K10, with a distinctly forward midrange and heavier vocals. I've always liked the SE535 for their ability to produce rich and sweet vocals. On the other hand, the K10 bests the SE535 in just about every other department - bass quantity is about the same, but punch, texture, and overall presentation is a lot better. Treble has more prominence, with some smooth highs and greater clarity throughout. The SE535's treble is its one weak point, and the K10's superiority truly shows in this department, with extension that trumps the noticeable roll-off the Shure IEMs suffer from. Overall, the K10 is a slightly warm IEM with tremendous ability to reproduce a wide range of genres well. It's hard to compare these 2, to be honest, considering the gulf in price, but the SE535 is quite out of its depth, IMO.
    I think we'll see the A12, the SE5-Way Ultimate, and the K10 in Jason's top 3. To my ears, these IEMs are truly TOTL material.
  13. doublea71

    I fly of the handle now and again, and I don't know why, to be honest. A character defect in me of some sort in which I get super-annoyed by the most innocuous things. Anyways, I'm liking the seafoam at midnight look of those things.
  14. fnkcow
    Dont have the BTS with me now atm.
    Depends on the IEMs I'm using. The bass is still there, but really weak, especially on my A12. To give you a rough idea it's like switching from K10 to ER-4S in the bass department. 
    Yes the bass difference for my IEMs are huge. I dont think it's the Bluetooth itself that's the issue though, as I have the other two Bluetooth dongles and also a Bluetooth headset Sony SBH80, all are aptx and Bluetooth 4.0 along with my sources, same as the BTS, but they output the sound with no issues like the BTS, and I already have the others for at least 3 months. 
    IMO the BTS lacks a decent built-in amp as compared to my other Bluetooth ones. I bought this just expecting to drive my sensitive IEMs, not full-size headphones and the results are lacking. Having already heard the other Bluetooth dongles using various IEMs the difference is significant enough to me.
  15. BydoEmpire
    ^ Just a thought but maybe try maxing out your bluethooth volume on your source device then adjusting volume with bts and see if that helps with bass response.
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