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Noble Audio - the Wizard returns!

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  1. Watagump
    Jokes must be left to a professional, aka, ME.
  2. Cagin
    I'm watching Patrice O'Neal The Nasty Show (Stand Up) vid, I swear my mind is bathed in nasty sex jokes at the moment.
  3. Chevalierr
    After much thinking I've decided that I do not need the noble BTS, hence that made me want it even more and thus I've placed my order.....I'm sure it'll go well with my K10's
  4. FullCircle

    RIP Pratrice, watch his bit regarding football.... Crazy funny

    Another favorite of mine that will probably leave this earth too soon is Ralphie May
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  5. kalrykh
    Edit:  too lazy to fix the quoted portion since this thing quoted the wrong crap :p
  6. Malevolent

    Yeah, yeah? I'm deadly interested to hear more.
    jayaudio116 likes this.
  7. Malevolent
    Or the S4? Or S5? [​IMG] 
  8. Cotnijoe

    So what exactly r u bringing to the conversation here?
  9. vhsownsbeta
    Rose gold plated pentalobe screws?
    4 drivers? 5 drivers?? 10 drivers??? It doesn't really matter to me. John has proven he can create incredible monitors at any price point or driver count. If he thinks this is the most balanced monitor he has made yet then I tend to believe him, regardless of the specs. I can't wait.
  10. Jimmyf1312

    Leave this earth or IS the earth?
  11. dulty
    ROFL! I just saw the 'my souffles are collapsing' question in the FAQ!!! Genius! [​IMG]
  12. Cagin
    Watched the Oppie and Anthony sessions with Patrice and 'Luiz Spick', and the prison story. What a crazy ****.
    Now I got Ralphie May: Too Big To Ignore in the background, first time I see his stuff; holy **** his storytelling flow is good, almost like Robbin Williams fast (another RIP :frowning2:(  ).
    I wanna stop him and say, dude you already killing me, hold for a sec, breathe man breathe! Drink some water or you gonna die on me.
    Thank you, and if you got any other good comedians to share, I'm all ears. I'm still discovering, backtracking. So far I only know of "Who's Line is it anyway?" (perfection), Bennie Mac, Louis CK, Dave Chapelle, Chris Rock, Kevin Hart and Robbie Williams.
  13. Watagump
    Since you brought up Robin Williams, this guy is amazing, for those who haven't seen him ,enjoy.

  14. Watagump
    Brannan, since you are in Japan, you should buy yourself a kickass Pachinko machine.
  15. vhsownsbeta

    It would have to be from this place...

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