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Noble Audio - the Wizard returns!

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  1. Watagump
  2. Tropic

    Google translate says - 
    [color=rgb(33, 33, 33)] [ Orders start headphone Festival day ] Noble Audio New custom IEM " SAVANT " birth ![/color]
  3. kalrykh
    I've had my K10's glued in my ears all weekend.  Didn't take long for me to get accustomed to the extra bass over the 4C's.  And then it happened.  I'm doing other stuff: reading, cleaning, dealing with being under the weather...and the music and detail still comes out at me.  I'm past the point where I'm trying to actively listen and analyze the differences between these and my other sets.  I'm just listening while I do other stuff, which usually means that I only catch things in the music when I stop to think about what I'm listening to. But everything is coming through in some fantastic fashion without trying, which is odd.  And it's not making me tired listening to music all the time (I realize I'm starting a lot of sentences with conjunctions, which is setting off the grammar nazi in me, sorry.)  I wanted to honestly express what I was thinking and realized what I wanted to say had already been said a few days back, so i tracked down the post to quote.  
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  4. Chevalierr

    I feel exactly the same way, previously I'd look for every nuance.... Now I just enjoy the music and my K10's still surprise me Everytime..... Its just pure joy
  5. VisceriousZERO
    Thanks to Noble, my Prestige Savant is close... xD
  6. kalrykh

    Are you one of the early reviewers? Lucky bastard :p don't keep us waiting once they arrive.
  7. VisceriousZERO

    It was consolation after finding out my ears can't do K10 Pressy
  8. krismusic Contributor
    Yes. Terrible grammar! :wink:
    It's good to hear that you are enjoying your K10's.
    I'm in the final stretch of waiting.
    I've been abut concerned to read about large amounts of bass. I like bass but don't like it to overwhelm other frequencies.
  9. chailee80

    Nah i wouldn't say it has large amounts of bass, it has some emphasis but sounds very well balanced with the rest of the spectrum. if the song has strong bass you will hear it, if it doesnt then you won't. I have been trying to pick apart their sound for the past few days and i simply cannot fault it, just amazing from top to bottom. What i find surprising is how good they sound from various sources, from my high powered receivers to my cd player to my oppo ha-2 and right down to my ipad and ipod they're quite incredible.
  10. Sorensiim
    Exactly. The K10 is capable of delivering bass that will blur your vision, but only if it's in the music... 
  11. Watagump
    But I wear glasses.
  12. audionewbi
    Had another listen today with the K10 U, compare to Layla and Angie. While I did not end up buying either one to mea K10U is a no brainer if I was to decide between either Layla or K10U. However can't agree with the price tag and the bass level.
    I am also very impressed on how on small it s, it is smaller than my IM04 which is only a quad (okay maybe the same size).
    I am looking forward to Savant, I hope it is a detail oriented IEM.
  13. Tropic

    Good to know that the K10 is better than the AK's offerings. I'm happy sitting on my N4 for now.
  14. Tropic
    I'm wanting to know if the N6 is a significant upgrade from the N4. I have a DT880 headphone but barely use it since my IEMs are always on hand. Thanks in advance.
    Also, for the ownership card that ships with Noble stuff, I bought a cheap labeller and just stuck my details on. Works fine.
  15. chailee80

    I actually preferred the n4 to the n6. The n6 sounded overly warm to my ears, like the bass emphasis went too far up into the lower mids and made things sound kind of muddy and congested which ruind the overal balance. The n5 had the same issues but on a more extreme level. If you've ever heard the rha t10 then you'd have some idea of the n6's bottom end. If you want a significant upgrade to the n4 the k10 is the way to go imo.
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