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Noble Audio - the Wizard returns!

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  1. mscott58
    K10's paired with the Hugo TT was absolutely amazing, but worth the price? It's up to you. That's a big sticker price to deal with. Cheers
  2. Rmoser

    I use my K10's with either my AK100II or AK120ii in balanced mode and can't say I see any reason to do more with either. I've got a couple of iPod classics and they sound better to me with a line out dock into my RSA SR71b. I have a Leckerton UHA-6S MK II and it's great too (although no balanced output).
    And I will say that my customs are far more comfortable than my SE845 universals. I waited a long time to get my customs and now I wish I hadn't waited as long :)
  3. Watagump
    Chicks dig dudes with customs, not much more needs to be said. [​IMG]
  4. Rutti
    Well Noble is somewhat of a "dream" company. They provide excellent customer service from what I've read and their products are also in a different category. 
    The reason I want others to have the ability to listen to my "end game" setup is that I want to share my joy. I have a huge amount of people I know, both musicians and audiophiles who want to spend the amount I will on a rig. But they do not have the money nor the priorities. 
    I think I will be buying the universals at first. Then I will probably end up getting the CIEMs either way. 
    Does anyone know when they universal K10s will be back in stock? 
  5. Rutti
    What I meant was if you actually use the full potiential of the Chord Hugo with the K10s? The price tag is not that relevant, considering I will be using the rig throughout the entire day. Some people spend their salary on the weekends getting hammered, others invest it in material things. I will invest a "small" amount of my savings in something that will be by my side for a very long time. 
    As a former broker I only see this as a investment and not as a expense. 
  6. vhsownsbeta

    You have one kick arse ultra portable rig then!

    I can't really A/B it but I like having a Pico Slim between my iphone and noble monitors. Perfectly balanced and seems less congested. It doesn't add too much to the footprint either...

    Rutti likes this.
  7. krismusic Contributor
    You go from the headphone out on the iPhone? Or is that a 4S?
    One massive PITA with the lightning connector on recent iPhone iterations is that a clunky adaptor is needed to get a Line Out.
  8. Sorensiim

    This. So much this.

    Also, I've only tried the Hugo for about half an hour and it is simply out of this world with the full size HE500 planars. With the K10 though, my initial opinion is that I actually prefer my AK120 II. I'll give the Hugo some more time when I get the chance, though, a lot of people are VERY happy with it for their CIEMs.
  9. vhsownsbeta

    That is an iphone 6. Headphone out to the Pico. The battery life is ridiculous. Justin quotes 60 hours. I believe him.
  10. Oujew
    Reading this post while listening to Beck's latest album on Tidal using Custom K10s, Iphone 6 & Chord Hugo - wonderful combination :)
  11. krismusic Contributor
    Correct me if I am wrong. If you are using the amp and DAC of the Chord it would not matter which iPhone as you are effectively using it as a transport only?
  12. Oujew

    I've not tried any other iPhones so you could be right,but some people do believe that the transport makes a difference. Just wanted to share my experience as one of the earlier posts was asking if the K10s were a good match for the Hugo which to my ears they certainly are...
  13. Chevalierr

    Hi rutti, Grats on your future upgrade!

    Personally I've had many high-end universals, Jh16,and now the custom K10. It may differ from person to person but the comfort of a K10 is bar none.

    Quite a while back Brannan and the Wizard were sharing how they both differed in their preference with Brannan going for customs and the wizard, universals.

    Different strokes for different folks.
  14. M Coupe
    K10s paired with...
    So more an more I think the K10s perform better with amplification.
    With the Ak240, they do sound good and are plenty portable.  With the Hugo- Brilliant.  I have listened to the HUGO with many IEMs so I know what that DAC AMP can bring but I feel my K10s are seeing more amp benefit than say my W60s.  This is above and beyond the obvious DAC benefit.  Owning the K10s, I would get the HUGO first if I could only get one.
    I wonder if others have the same experience?
    To the gent who is pondering fit with the K10s with small ears...Don't worry about it.  My ears are small despite being a tall guy.  I too was worried and they fit like a dream.  As others have mentioned, comfort is superb.  Once you go custom, you won't go back.  
    Now I have to wait for Wattagump to see where he takes that phrase.  I bet I won't wait long.
  15. Ultimate Mango
    I think for a while at least you could get a Hugo from Brannan, and the Noble products seem to have good synergy with Chord products.

    I am more a portable amp guy than DAC guy, and I love the new ALO Rx and look forward to Cavallis portable (I may be done after that, at least for a while).
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