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Noble Audio - the Wizard returns!

  1. BananaOoyoo
    Looking forward to trying the M3 when it arrives in Korea. Khan was the first IEM of yours that I really enjoyed listening to, and I’m interested to see how these newer IEMs (Savant II, M3) are.
  2. zachawry
    No, I don’t believe that particular element of sound signature is the kind of thing tips change. I did forget to mention that while the sound didn’t end up being to my personal taste, the Kahns were incredibly comfortable.

    If my universal Katanas had been that comfy I never would have given them up, and if the universal Encores I tried a few months ago were that comfy, I would have purchased them (liked the sound, but the form factor of the previous universals just doesn’t fit my ears well).

    So, I personally hope that the form factor of the universal Kahns will percolate down to the rest of the line. It will make it much more likely for me personally to buy more Nobles.
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2019
  3. jrbgarcia
    I was wondering when a CIEM version of th Khan would be available? The current form factor, while much more comfortable than the old universal models, is quite difficult to keep in the ears for a long amount of time. Was also hoping there would be a trade-in option for current owners (A MAN CAN DREAM :ksc75smile:)

    EDIT: the 1960s 2-wire pairs so well with the Khan. Saladin does as well.
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2019
  4. Deezel177
    Is it perhaps the magnetostatic driver? I currently have an IEM which uses it as the treble driver and it has some of the best pin-point imaging I've heard in an IEM ever, and its MSRP is "only" $950. I won't disclose what it is on this thread, but that does make me quite pumped for the M3, if that's indeed the driver in question. :wink:
  5. FullCircle
    It probably is



    Currently there is an

    8 mm

    Offered with this type of tech

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  6. Deezel177
    That's the one! Cool stuff, John. Can't wait to hear the M3. :D
  7. mvvRAZ
    To the Katana owners in the group (or those that have listened to it) - would you assess the Katana as a clinical or sterile IEM? I have listened to some IEMs that fall under that description but I'd say the Katana is as far from that as they come. Had a disagreement on the forums yesterday and got curious
    Here's a pic of the Katana for attention
  8. Deezel177
    I'd say it has a neutral tone that leans neither towards warmth nor brightness, but it does have a fullness and density to the midrange that makes it a touch more organic-sounding or meaty-sounding than other in-ears that've been given the reference or neutral moniker. This is coming from several-month-old recollections, by the way. That's not to say it performs any better or worse than them, necessarily. It's just a different shade of neutral. Clinical or sterile however, are terms I probably won't associate with the Katana.
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  9. mvvRAZ
    I'd also say it is very neutral across the frequency spectrum, but the intimacy of the mids and especially the female vocals really push it away from any sort of clinical presentation of the music as a whole. I feel like people hear an IEM with less bass and immediately pull the "clinical" card
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  10. zachawry
    I agree. It’s highly precise and not bassy (thank god), but it still has that special something that makes music sound compelling. Definitely not clinical.
  11. mvvRAZ
    Yup if you're anything like me and have music playing almost constantly (I get around 10-12 hours per day) bass is a big no go. I have the Noir and the U18t, and they're both bassier than the Katana, but they both barely get a few hours on weekends and holidays. I thought when buying the Katana I would use it as something of a reference but it has become my everyday monitor

    Waiting on an update to the Katana *cough Wizard cough* and jumping on a custom :)
  12. Redcarmoose
    I actually thought the Katana was clinical sounding. But.....yes...less clinical than some IEMs. But keep in mind I arrived at the shop to listen to and purchase the universal Encore. I only listened to the Katana for 5 minutes or so before switching back to the Encore. For me the Katana actually helped delineate the slightly more colorful personality of the Encore. To me the Encore has both neutrality and slight warmth? The Katana seemed even more neutral but maybe getting slightly more clarity due to having less total warmth than the Encore. And........that’s why I would even call it sterile in comparison to the Encore. It may have been the treble add with the Encore which made the Katana seem so reserved? In the end the Encore was more my idea of a forward clarity (though probably from imaging in the end).........where the Katana seemed technical and accurate but more straight-laced and conservative? There is just something indescribable about the Encore which I actually can’t figure out, that makes it exciting? I didn’t feel that excitement with the Katana? Though I totally understand how there is no right or wrong in signatures but simply different tone and personality.
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2019
  13. mvvRAZ
    I would agree on the more neutral point. I also got a relatively brief listen to the Encore when I was purchasing the Katana, and it has quite a bit more bass quantity and warmth in the lower range. It certainly has more frequency coloration and a similar level of technicality as the Katana. I wouldn't say the Encore has any more smoothness than the Katana though, the major difference between the two (to my ears of course) is bass quantity, and maybe somewhat bass quality
  14. Redcarmoose
    That’s a great point. Remember I only spent 5 minutes with the Katana, and yes, the Katana shows a very neutral bass. I’m a borderline basshead and so for me the Encore sounds neutral, when in reality there IS a bass personality. But still the bass is in a way hidden where other stuff seems to get more focus......before all of a sudden the hidden bass makes an exciting arrival. The Encore is the antithesis of foggy slow bass. And........strangely with all this going on it sounds natural and correct with all music and mastering? That’s the enigma?

    But yes......Encore has more overall color where the Katana has less color......making it seem more accurate and honest? Maybe?
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2019
  15. mvvRAZ
    You can most certainly make an IEM with loads of clarity and that sort of hidden impact and sheer bass quantity when needed - from the ones I own the Noir is probably the best example of that, I can’t spend ages with it but boy do I enjoy some of my rock/metal on it

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