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Noble Audio - the Wizard returns!

  1. Rowethren
    Sounds like a good idea, a desktop setup is very nice to have. If you like the K10 then I would suggest the Empyrean as a full sized.
  2. krismusic Contributor
    I have had a long strange trip with the Mojo. If you had asked me six months ago I would have praised it to the skies. Since then I have blind tested against the iPhone dongle with switch box. Myself and a friend could detect absolutely no difference between the two. Since then I have stopped lugging the Mojo around and have been very happy listening to my iPhone alone. I think there is a great tendency amongst audiophiles to needlessly complicate matters in a desire to turn buying equipment into a hobby. I'm 63 and have tried all sorts in the quest for audio nirvana. The K10's out of the iPhone are as close as I have got. With the exception of a truly special van install that I used to run. That's another story though. I will say that the one piece of equipment that is worth spending any money you have on is transducers. For IEM's you can't beat Nobles works of wizardry. IME.

    If only my preferred bands made such recordings. Plus I am exclusively on Tidal these days.
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  3. SBranson
    ** I just feel like I have to edit this after having these for a few days. I really don't understand my first impressions. Tired? Mood? I don't know but I just love the sound of these. I tried to go back to my other iems and they sound less natural and even a little muffled. I guess the difference creates a recoil at first. So take my first comments with a grain of salt. Listening with the ZX300 right now in balanced and they sound great.**

    Had my first day with the Sage. Last night I had a quick listen before bed and I have to admit that I was a little underwhelmed. I was kind of expecting something closer to the Savant's recessed sound and spaciousness that reminds me of listening to speakers, something I liked very much.
    My rather short time with the Katanas had that too. The Sage in balanced mode out of my ZX300 had the sound a little more between my ears but that's something I expect from balanced sound in my experience. Straight out of the LGv30 in single ended was a little less of that but again there wasn't any "wow" moment or anything.. Don't get me wrong, it's not like it was "bad" but I was expecting something that didn't happen... and something that would make me like them more than my Fearless Audio S8F.


    So, today I had them at work and started off the day with my ES100 in balanced and thought that maybe I'll just go back to the S8F and not risk damaging the Sage..etc.. I switched back and "WHAT"!!! ... the S8F sounded odd and a bit congested, even more forward and not as nice in the midrange... I listened throughout the day and more and more discovered the strength of the midrange and the real beauty with which the Sage convey vocals. I had thought them a bit bass shy but the bass was full and plentiful. Treble was nice and added air and detail.
    I think the Sage really pair well with the ES100, better than the LGv30 on it's own. I think now that I'm a bit more used to the sound, I will try them again with the ZX300 tonight..

    Overall I think the Sage are a little more forward than the Savants but have a more filled out tone and a more natural sound and even if they are forward, there are plenty of spatial cues that give a decent amount of depth. Just not the same "speaker" experience but the benefits of the sound outweigh that desire. Tonality is probably the most important thing I look for in an iem and why I keep trying Noble designs and keep coming back. I'd love to be able to try them all and find the "perfect" one because I think Noble probably makes my perfect iem.

    This certainly has me interested in the the Savant II sound as you touch on the things that are important to me but for now I am going to enjoy my Sage.:ksc75smile:
    Last edited: Jun 7, 2019
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  4. SBranson
    Another day with the Sage and I am really enjoying their sound. It's funny how first impressions take a little bit to dissolve and that feeling I had of the closeness has really relaxed and seems more likely the nature of the LGv30 direct over the ES100. I don't really have that same sense in that though the vocals are a little more forward it's completely natural and there's plenty of spaciousness in the music.
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  5. Malevolent
    Woah, no one has said a thing since the weekend? How are you Noble folks doing?
  6. Malevolent
    Well, I don't know about the iPhone (I've never tested it before), but I've let a few of my friends compare music played through their (Android) phones against a Mojo. Everyone agrees that the Chord box provides a cleaner, more detailed sound. Sometimes, the effect is subtle, and sometimes it's not.
  7. CreditingKarma

    While not the mojo I can agree that a dap or dac amp sounds better than a smartphone to me as well. The sp1000 is much better than my s9 sound wise. The Khan sounds incredible out of a desktop amp too. I have heard it out of the auris nirvana and it is heavenly. It sounds incredible out of the liquid platinum as well.
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  8. SBranson
    Happy as a pig in sh## with my Sage!!!
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  9. scook94
    Anyone got any thoughts on burn-in for the Khan? Does it exist?
  10. FullCircle

    I've been traveling and hosting our friends from Korea

    Heading back to the grind tomorrow.

    The wife is missing our babies
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  11. scook94
    I regret not ordering a t-shirt when I ordered my Khan! :disappointed: :cry:
  12. 35FLE
    Did you get any background noise with the Khan when using a tube amp like the liquid platinum?
  13. CreditingKarma

    Not a ton with the liquid platinum there was a bit. I also had to attenuate the signal going into the amp as there is no gain switch.
  14. SBranson
    Well... Just added another Noble iem.
    Just bought the Encore. Very excited to hear it. I had been looking for a totl (within my means) iem after having had the katana but selling it to try some headphones (that didn't work out). I had looked at the EE Zeus but in Deezel177's comparison of the two of the Encore sounds just perfect for what I like and I already know I really like the Noble sound.

    Big brother to my Sage...
    Last edited: Jun 5, 2019
  15. FullCircle
    Another calaboration

    Noble Audio Stay updated on Noble Audio at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/NobleAudio https://www.twitter.com/noblebywizard https://www.instagram.com/nobleaudio https://nobleaudio.com/en/ contact@nobleaudio.com

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