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Noble Audio - the Wizard returns!

  1. hugo poon
    This is X8 silver plated copper - more balanced and fuller body than tri-silver when pairing with the Encore. Tri-copper should sound great.:)
  2. hke3g2006
    The 2-pins connectors of "Khan" seems to be defective...it can be damaged easily after changing cables...be aware...some of my friends who purchased Khan are now waiting for replacement...too bad QC...
  3. Malevolent
    2-pin connectors are usually susceptible to this problem after frequent changes to cables.

    Still, I'm sure the team will be happy to swap the monitors for you. I hope it works out. :)
  4. krismusic Contributor
    The warranty does actually exclude damage caused by third party cables. Another good reason to use them as intended!
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  5. Jazza517
    8A18B99C-85E5-4131-B1F1-80C02CA0A768.jpeg Thank you Wizard!!!
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  6. uzi2
    The warranty appears to have many exclusions, but the cables will not damage the IEMs...
    Forced insertion of the connector by the user may well do.
  7. jasonho
    Saw this on Facebook

  8. krismusic Contributor
    Yes. I saw that on Facebook! I assume use of these cables is deemed OK as the third party is a partner.
  9. Watagump
    You guys didn’t get to hear the new hybrid coming out, take that because it’s all you get for now. Feel free to silently be cussing me out. :yum::yum:
  10. Watagump

    What’s to say it’s the sockets fault and not the cable? If the pins are slightly too large they will stretch the holes in the socket. These kind of issues can be tricky to figure out, but I do know Noble doesn’t skimp when it comes to the sockets, the tolerance is just too low to cheap out on. I will bring this up today with Jim, you have my word that the info will be passed on.
  11. krismusic Contributor
    Wots this? Or rather Wats this?
  12. Watagump
    My memory is terrible.
  13. FullCircle
    It is pretty unique tech

    You are very welcome, I hope your wife likes them

    Proceed with care, but if there is an issue, send a photo... we are certainly willing to assess things
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  14. Malevolent
    Well, I'm one of those guilty of cable swapping, so yeah...

    I think it's important to avoid force insertions of 2-pin plugs. I've seen plugs which were slightly bent; trying to force them in might cause undesirable issues on the socket itself.

    If you keep to 1 or 2 different third party cables, and you don't swap them every other day, I think the socket should be fine for years.
  15. Malevolent
    Tech sounds good and all.... But the sound, that's the real hot sauce.

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