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Noble Audio - the Wizard returns!

  1. meomap
    Who would buy iem > $1500 and still use a
    10 usd worth of stock cable?
  2. Watagump
    First day down with the Khan's, zero issues with the seal while at work and also on my bike ride. This is the first universal with a large housing I can say that about, so fit department is great.
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  3. Watagump

    Who would spend insane amounts on a cable for zero difference? So your question goes both ways.
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  4. BananaOoyoo
    Million dollar question: will you be getting one? :smile:
  5. Watagump

    Don't I already have one?
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  6. BananaOoyoo
    Oh man, you don’t have to send it back? Super jealous!

    (Didn’t see your earlier posts, so just thought it was a review unit!)
  7. Watagump

    I am jealous of the guy that got serial number 001. :money_mouth:
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  8. jasonho
    i am aiming for serial no. 888 :)
  9. Watagump

    That's a lucky number thing right?
  10. Rowethren
    I would say 666 would be cool but considering that I pre ordered that might be a bit of a long time to wait lol...

    I would be willing to accept numbers between 4 and 10 as an alternative though :sweat_smile::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::smirk:
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  11. krismusic Contributor
    I really like the Noble stock cable.
  12. BananaOoyoo
    But the Noble stock cable doesn’t scream “this guy is loaded af” like that $1000+ (insert cable material here) cable from (insert cable manufacturer here)!
    krismusic likes this.
  13. FullCircle
    The cable that comes with the Khan is a step up from the Noble standard black cable. It is a heavier gauge.
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  14. Watagump

    Heavier gauge, bigger plug, like I said before, best stock cable you guys have implemented.
  15. Rowethren
    Still waiting for K10 Khan comparison, speed up :deadhorse:
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