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Noble Audio - the Wizard returns!

  1. Watagump
    Just a little appetizer, the packaging looks good, more pictures and some fit info later. I am not doing any testing for a couple of hours, stay tuned.

  2. BananaOoyoo
    Looking forward to it! Sound-wise, I did hear that the Khan could still undergo some fine tuning, but very interested to see where it’s at now.

    Personally, at $2399, it’d probably get a hard pass from me unless it is absolutely game-changing and outclasses other TOTL IEMs (say... Flamenco, VE8, Zeus, and KSE1500), but if it goes back on sale around that $1900-2000 point...
  3. chengsta
    Thank god the Khans do not have a custom option. Otherwise I'd be out another $2700 (estimated cost of custom). I'll just stick to my encores which sound fantastic.

    On another note, funny story: I got myself a balanced 8core pure silver cable a year ago when I got the encore. My girlfriend has a really old jh13 with a spc balanced cable which looks exactly the same. She doesn't believe that silver vs copper vs spc makes any difference. Last week she for some reason decided she wanted to try my pure silver cables. She never got the chance, she broke the left connector pins. She secretly replaced my cable with her identical spc cable. I went to work with it and realized something was off. The songs I loved so much suddenly had less air, the bass was uncontrolled, and didn't go as deep. I checked my settings, they're right where I left'em. Firmware is the same as always on my x7v2, but I didn't enjoy my music that day. When I got back home, I asked her if she somehow swapped cables with me, and she was surprised that I could figure it out just by listening. Out of awe, she admitted that yes she did, because she broke them. Good thing it only costs $50 to fix, otherwise I'd have to dish out another $400 for a brand new cable.

    tl;dr I'm not saying silver cables are better, but they sure sound better to me.
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  4. Watagump

    The only thing I can help with in regards to this post is a comparison of the Khan against other Noble flagships. The only one on your list I have heard was the first edition Zeus.
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  5. Watagump
    Two more pictures, as you can see you get a Pelican 1010 and the Noble round case, which I think is perfection, the size is just right, screw down lid, holds enough stuff like a cleaning tool and a desicate along with CIEM's and IEM's. You get a nice selection of tips and the usual cleaning tool stickers bag etc.


    Last edited: Dec 11, 2018
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  6. Watagump
    The cable matches the face plate, it looks really good together, serial number 002. At the time I spoke with John a few days ago, only 3 were made so far.

  7. Watagump
    One bag of the tips, these are the rubber ones, I have the medium on the IEM right now, so the picture is the large, small and some tips so small they almost look like they were made for babies.

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  8. Watagump
    Picture of them being worn, they sit further in than my K10 customs, as of now I don't seem to have seal issues. Normally when I use other models from Noble I have to push on them with slight pressure to get a seal and proper bass. That's a good sign for now, of course tip testing is going to need to be done.

  9. Rowethren
    They look like they sit in pretty deep which is great! The packaging looks top notch as well, definitely a set up to just the pelican 1010 on its own like my K10s came with. I like that effort has gone to match the cable aesthetic as well (although I won't be using for ergonomic reasons due to having an ES100 bluetooth clip).

    Really very excited so far, now all I need is sound compared to the K10.

    Chop chop @Watagump :deadhorse::deadhorse::L3000:
  10. singingbee
    giphy (4).gif
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  11. Watagump

    The cable is the best quality cable I have seen from Noble, but I have only used the stock cables. Never got my hands on the $300 one, hope this isn't speaking too soon, but the chin slider seems to stay in place.
    Last edited: Dec 11, 2018
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  12. BananaOoyoo
    That looks much better than the other Noble universals. Haven’t had much luck getting a good fit on any of those.
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  13. Watagump

    I think it could be even better with an even longer nozzle.
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  14. BananaOoyoo
    A shorter nozzle can somewhat be remedied by tip rolling though. A IEM shell that fits terribly (like the K10 & co. were to me) is pretty irredeemable unless you want to go the custom route (whether it’s the entire IEM or a custom tip that covers part of the unit).
  15. krismusic Contributor
    I’ve been put off the round case ever since you managed to crack your customs in one!
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