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Noble Audio - the Wizard returns!

  1. RPB65
    I have had better sealing with my Shure SE425 (I think that's right) than I do with my Encore U's now. I keep changing tips and have found a better seal but could really do with some good ones. I do not like the foam type, nor the multi-lip type. I need large tips for my bucket ear canals, pfft. I often think I should have gone the custom route but I didn't so tough on me. LOL.
    Being honest with myself, the not-so-good thing I did was buy the Toxic SW24 cable. It's a pain behind my ears for longer listening as it's thick, but I wanted TRRS at that time for my ZX2 also.
  2. ScottFree
    Haven't tried them myself so be warned but I've heard only good things about Symbio tips.
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  3. scook94
    I'm having problems connecting to nobleaudio.com, wondering if I'm alone. I'm in the UK and when I try to access the site my browser is getting redirected to https://nobleaudio.co.uk/en and then times out. If I turn on VPN and connect via a UK server I get the same, but if I connect via a US server then all is fine. Really not sure if the problem is at my end or not but I get the same using my laptop as well as my cell/mobile phone.
  4. Rowethren
    I am having the same problem...
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  5. hotdog108
    I got to it just fine just now, I'm in NY.
  6. scook94
    as expected, the issue appears to be specific to the UK.
  7. Watagump
    I have a fix, people in the UK need to move. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  8. Rowethren
    I wouldn't mind to be honest the way we are going politically lol...
  9. ScottFree
  10. Rowethren
    Coming to America? What about "the wall" and the immigration ban? I think that song might be a bit outdated now :sweat_smile:.

    I was more thinking Scandinavia or Canada to be honest. I wouldn't really ever leave though to be honest as I wouldn't want to be that far from my family.
  11. WCDchee
    I’m currently using the Khan with the JVC spiral dot tips and the dita copper truth cable.

    I’m not sure if it’s the new pairing with the JVC spiral dot tips or the burn in, but the Khan is in NO way lean at present. It’s evenly balanced and the top is extended just as I would like, and is just exceptional sounding. I compared it to so many flagships and quite frankly the Khan is taking top spot beside the fourte and the dream to my ears.

    It is an exceptionally good earphone. Guys who ordered, you’re in for a real treat.
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  12. meomap
    I wished Noble has other color to choose also, not black/white only.
  13. Watagump

    Maybe down the road.
  14. Rowethren
    Tips can make a huge difference to the sound, I usually ended up using foam tips with UIEMS for the extra isolation. Great to hear you can lift the bass with different tips though, can't wait for March! :beerchug:
  15. WCDchee
    You are in for a real treat. These babies are top tier by all accounts. Huge, huge step up over the encore and katanas in every possible way.
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