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Noble Audio - the Wizard returns!

  1. Watagump
    I just saw a commercial for Weinerschnitzel, they claim that their world famous Bratwurst is back. So if I went deep into a African forest and found some pygmy tribe, they would also know about those world famous bratwurst?
  2. iBo0m
    I’m just very curious. Bell was a great upgrade of EDC series in terms of mids and highs, but somehow the bass suffered a bit, imho. As for the single BA, there were some releases from other brands lately, which turned out to have interesting sound signature, even though covering the whole freq. with a single BA is a bit harder.
  3. krismusic Contributor
    From what little I know of these matters there would be little to be gained using a single BA. Coherence perhaps but Noble have never had a problem with that which I am aware of...
    iBo0m likes this.
  4. krismusic Contributor
    Exactly what I have been hoping for. This should be killer. Now where is that rusty knife and where exactly are the kidneys?
  5. iBo0m
    Single BA was just a possibility that came up to my mind. In the terms of bass, there won't be no gains, single BA's bass is rather fast than deep. Anyway, so it doesn't look like I'm complaining, which I'm definitely not - EDC series is quite good and interesting path, that Noble chose to hit the market with and I'm a big fan of these products and I'm always looking forward to any news regarding this series :).
  6. Watagump

    Maybe you don't need a knife and a kidney sale, maybe get them out to people to do reviews, wink, wink.
  7. krismusic Contributor
    That would be amazing. I struggle with universals though. I am hoping there will be a custom option. I don't need two kidneys right?
    Seriously. I am about to inherit a small amount of money. The next Noble will be my treat to myself before I invest the rest.
    Last edited: Oct 6, 2018
  8. Redcarmoose
    3F325722-458D-4220-8B36-B6E01B16E874.jpeg D5852CCC-E443-4A65-BD7A-9D0D306AE4EB.gif
  9. Watagump

    I asked John if they were planning on getting them into hands of reviewers, I don't remember the exact answer, I don't remember hearing a no. Its worked in the past, so why not do what works, of course its up to John to decide. I will of course give my impressions when I get whichever he sends me, we discussed getting the ones he has now or another version coming later. I also struggle with universals for getting that seal, but I know what I can do to make them work, that just doesn't carry over into real life usage. I might need to start taking notes when we speak, I get so decent amount of info and have to process it quickly. Its just we talk about more than just products, but like I already said, these are a reality and I look forward to being able to give some impressions to help people decide.
  10. Watagump
    John sent me a pic of the Hybrid, its not a final model, its a very weird material he will share later, looks very cool. Start getting even more excited, hopefully it will be a very great Xmas for those that celebrate it.
  11. Watagump
    I decided to post a pic even though John told me not to, muuuuuuuuahahahahaha. :smiling_imp:

  12. FullCircle
    mind blown.gif 20181008_112428.jpg
    Last edited: Oct 8, 2018
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  13. Rowethren
    Pretty fancy looking material!
  14. krismusic Contributor
    Wata is cruising for bruising! :wink:
  15. Watagump

    I wait for John to be asleep, then he never sees my posts.

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