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Noble Audio - the Wizard returns!

  1. Felicitous
    Lol funny that you say that, because when I killed the bass(-12db) on my Dulce Bass, it was like a less resolute Katana with the foward mids and pronounced highs.
  2. Stranger Than Fiction
    @Redcarmoose: I could tell right away the curve would be below the Equator, so to speak. I was having trouble converting the dials into the linear curve as is used in the Onkyo HF Player.

    I personally wouldn’t touch anything in the spectrum aside from a bit of boost in the ultra-low end but being the game of give and take EQ is (as is my limited understanding) I suppose I’d need to sacrifice something.

    I tell you what too manipulating the curve is finicky af!
  3. Redcarmoose
    I use my Encore Universals on many things simply with-out EQ. Even though the Sony 1Z is noted as warm, it still has a natural spike in the midrange which occurred after a new firmware update. I normally never use EQ as I think it has the potential to screw up other frequencies. Call it crazy obsessive audiophile paranormal paranoia!

    Still.....with those dials I’m pretty happy to be a member of the EQ club.

    Part of audiophile psychology is the expectation bias, which can occur if you think something is changed in a good or bad way. Any practice which goes against the tried and true value system can possibly affect the outcome. It may or may not be there, but these are the ideas we generated to help us navigate the ocean of convoluted audio-truths/semi-truths, falsehoods.
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2018
  4. NickL33
    I agreed... The tuning i ever used is DC phase linearizer

    WM1A > DC phase linearizer (Type A standard) > K10UA

    Truely bliss conbination
  5. Redcarmoose

    The Encore IEM is so mid-centric, that the combination with FW2.0 gets the midrange in such a place that my slight 3 point roll-back is maybe getting me closer to flat. Now if that concept results in less negative side-consequences with the other frequencies not being changed; I don't know?

    Prior to Sony going to FW2.0 the combination was maybe better in some ways. In fact I tried both the Katina and Encore before purchasing with the prior warmer FW. What 2.0 did though is open up the soundstage, get a faster response and way.........more volume. So in the end it's a give and a take. I'm looking forward to see if Sony dials stuff back a little with the next update?

    I do know that if I put my Noble IEMs away for a few days, the moment I come back to them my eyes light up. Don't know what that side phenomenon is at this point, may result in further testing, or better yet,....................to simply enjoy the ride!
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2018
  6. PinkyPowers
    I can verify this. My 64Audio tia Fourté is like Encore on crack. I call it Encore Ultra. lol

    But sweet Jesus you have to pay through the sphincter for that extra bit of awesome.
  7. Redcarmoose
    I just discovered where I could procure the 64s! ? ........:wink:
    I think I may get a pair as my next purchase. Of course, I’ll waIt till Valentine’s Day to spring the plan on the Wife. It’s a good day as she will not suspect any buttering-up process going on.
  8. chengsta
    but it's not a custom, I can't ever go back to universals.
  9. Redcarmoose
    Well, that’s the thing. Dynamic drivers simply have a different personality with bass and bass decay frequencies. Somehow dynamic-driver transducers allow reverb and room echos to have a different overall sound than strictly BA arrays. There is maybe a decay response which is different across the board when you compare dynamic drivers to BAs, but somehow the lower midrange and bass are more of a noticeable character difference. In my experience you don’t get those super high fast bell like tones from a dynamic like you do with BAs. So a mixture could potentially be the future for our hobby here?

    But.....the few Hybrids I have heard don’t have the speedy overall bass response like you get with a well done crossovered BA. I have to hear more.

    And........much of this pursuit has to do with brain burn-in. Not completely, but if you stick with only one IEM/headphone for a week, it’s amazing how used to the sound you get. In the end it’s not about the quality of the transducer your listen to, but where your coming from. The menal gymnastics of one IEM to another to another, can always be confusing. IMHO.
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2018
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  10. Stranger Than Fiction
    @Redcarmoose: This is so true. Expectation, the power of suggestion if you will, can have a profound effect on our perceptions. This is why when judging beer it is best to do it blind.

    It might also explain why I perceived treble roll-off when manipulating the EQ. But another variable there is how difficult it is to manipulate the curve.

    I read a comparison between the Encores (or was it K10s) and I came away thinking the difference wasn’t huge.

    And yes indeed the K10s are fast. Eurostar fast!! I auditioned my brother’s Oriolus hybrids and came away thinking the K10s beat them in every department by a slender through to marked margin. I was however not so fresh off of a four-hour flight which may have had an impact on my impressions hence I’ll be giving them another whirl when I catch up with him next.
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2018
  11. Redcarmoose
    There was a great story a couple years ago about an Indonesian gentleman who made a splash with the US wine buffs. He started by throwing 60K parties at expensive restaurants. During these affairs he became well regarded as a “Dr” of wine knowledge. Later his new friends were using his connections to get the expensive bottles of liquid.

    Many of the wine bottles sold for $30-$60-$90 K a piece. But it turns out he had an elaborate construction process of forging old labels and glueing them onto $20 bottles of wine.

    Perception can be almost everything!

    Finally one new bottle purchaser became in contact with the wine maker. The maker said they had only been in business since 1935, yet the lable on the wine said 1930.
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2018
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  12. Watagump
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  13. Stranger Than Fiction
    @Redcarmoose: lol that is awesome! This fellow’s audacity is to be commended. :-D

    I’m glad beer’s relatively low pricepoint (the most one will pay for something truly special is AU$80 generally speaking) means it’s not subjected to this sort of thing or indeed wine’s market forces. It does irk me to no end that at the other end of the spectrum beer is seen as something to be “cheap.”

    I was quite happy with my Shure SE846s and convinced myself roundly that the treble on the is adequate if not good. They kept me happy for over three years and I honestly thought nothing could touch them, especially in the low end department. It took the words of a few Head.fiers as well as my brother to convince me I needed a brand new musical experience.

    Indeed with brain almost fully burned in I also happened on another revelation: My treble perception isn’t as sensitive as first thought. I had convinced myself I couldn’t handle treble that erred on the brighter side of neutral. The more I listen to the K10s the more I realise this isn’t the case at all. I am loving it as much as I love bass.
  14. uzi2
    There was a great documentary film about it - Sour Grapes
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  15. Redcarmoose
    Amazing, THX....I will look for that.

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