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Noble Audio - the Wizard returns!

  1. Watagump
    The Katana shines over the Encore in clarity, at least I think it does. It MAJORLY impressed me in that area, sure their are trade offs, but the clarity was the very first thing that hit me.
  2. chengsta
    I'm sure it does. But the clarity and resolution that the encores have over the jh16fp is a big enough step that I am really satisfied. The only thing that I wish could be better was if it had as much sub bass power as the jh16's. But that can be fixed through EQ.
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  3. Stranger Than Fiction
    @chengsta: What sort of EQ settings/curve would you recommend to prop up the sub-bass a bit? I use the Onkyo HF Player for iOS, which is awesome enough for negating Apple’s hospital whites, but also great for its 10-band EQ.
  4. chengsta
    well, I lift up 75hz and below to 13db in viperbass (Yes 13, pls don't judge me). Doesn't seem to affect the encores clarity. Viperbass is a part of vipereffects which is an android app, but it was specially built into the fiio x7v2's player. I find that normal EQ usually does funny things to the player but viper eq actually makes it sound like you have a bass boost amp attached to your player.
  5. Redcarmoose
    If EQing the Encore IEM another thing that works is very tiny incremental pulls in frequency. Pulling a tiny amount of treble and a slightly larger amount of midrange, enhances the comprehension of lower mid-range and bass, in my humble experience.

    Thus, not adding anything simply pulling back.
  6. Stranger Than Fiction
    ^ Could you please provide a screen shot? :)
  7. notyourtree
    I've actually dialed back the bass EQ on the JH16s because sometimes it's a bit too much, but it's nice to know it's there when I want it. I found that the Encores were right in the sweet spot for the majority of my listening.
  8. chengsta
    lol maybe my ears are just base insensitive.
  9. Stranger Than Fiction
    Once a basshead alwaus a basshead over these ways. The K10s’ mid-bass is easily 10/10 but with a very small handful of tracks the sub-bass doezn’t quite get there. I’m not sure whether to upgrade thecable, upgrade my source or simply EQ.

    In saying that coming from the bass heavy SE846s I’m more than happy with the switch from brute force and quantity to refinement and textural perfection.
  10. notyourtree
    giphy.gif Nothing wrong with loving the bass
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2018
  11. Watagump
    Sub bass is the one thing that has always made me think a hybrid could be the best in the world. Of course best is always a matter of opinion. But a really nice Dynamic mixed with the pluses of the BA drivers, its no surprise people have been trying to make one to have the best of both worlds.
  12. Felicitous
    Got my Encores back today and now my Katanas are back in their pelican case. Encores are so wide that echoes are a thing easy. Katana does it too, just not as wide or often unless its treble related. Vocals are a little less foward on Encore but there is so much more emotion. The treble can be compared like this: Encore treble is perfectly balanced and Katana skates on the edge of sibilance at times. Katana bass is more present most of the time where Encore bass can sometimes disappear but there is definitely more when it counts. Katana is FAST. Encore chills out a little bit, justtt a little.
  13. Redcarmoose
    CD7EBD1C-473B-4E46-9695-5B4A3A8E8317.jpeg A299EFBB-7E72-4CC2-AF29-3A5E888055E4.jpeg
  14. Stranger Than Fiction
    ^ Thanks! :)

    Although I’m not sure how that would translate to an EQ curve.
  15. Redcarmoose
    @Stranger Than Fiction

    It’s the concept that I was trying to show. Everyone has different cables, different ears, different music genres and different DAPs. You are going to want to pull the EQ areas below the center line.
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