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Noble Audio - the Wizard returns!

  1. x RELIC x Contributor
  2. meomap
    They should have several termination available: 3.5 mm SE, 2.5 mm balanced, and 4.4 mm balanced.
    They have 3.5 mm SE only.

    Waiting for Noble to change their mind.
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  3. NickL33
    Yea... i am here waiting for review and release of 4.4mm balance before i oull the trigger
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  4. Rowethren
    Just the name made me laugh, sounds like ordering a coffee.

    "I will have a black Hugo 2go please..."

    I guess I have an odd sense of humour!

    Back on topic though, Mojo stacked with my Oneplus 3T to run my K10 CIEMs still continues to amaze me! Had them for almost 2 years now and were my first (but unfortunately not last...haha) purchase that was over £1000 and honestly are the only part of my audio system I have never considered replacing! Thank you Mr Wizard!
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  5. Stranger Than Fiction
    Haha if I were a commercial brewer I’d call the operation’s flagship pale ale “Drum Roll,” so when folks are at the bar they’d say “Drum Roll please...”

    Apparently a US brewer already has.

    In terms of amps and sources I’m seriously contemplating the AK120 mk II.
  6. Maset
  7. Maset

    I have the same, K Encore with SP1000 and I use the Effect Audio Lionheart 2,5mm and with the Effect Audio Adapter 4,4mm for the Sony, about it some remarks:

    The Lionheart is a rare hybrid cable made from Cooper Silver plated and Cooper gold plated. It use the same plated like the Mars for the Gold and the Leonidas for the Silver and since the beginning the difference that it provide to the Kaiser Encore is amazing. Give more ear, space separation and also helps to the midds and highs. Of course like any cable don't expect miracles but helps to squeeze since the last drop the SP1000 and Kaiser capabilities!

    The Lionheart include the PSquare connector; Palladium + Platinum coating, and believe me or not but with it the cable improve the air, separation and clarity Vs. the version with out. This means that when I connect to the Sony with the adaptor, you loose some of this benefits of the PSquare but anyway the synergy is fantastic! I really recommend it, 499$ + 50$ you can find it directly in Effect Audio or in Musicteck.

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  8. skootb
    custom Katanas just arrived. Got them plugged into the Hugo 2 and I may not be leaving my desk for the rest of the day...
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  9. y2jdmbfan
    Any pics?
  10. faithguy19
    I just received my K10U's from the most recent drop. The sound is great but I have a couple of questions for those of you who also own them. I am having a terrible time pulling the cable out to replace cables (much more difficult than my other iems). Is this normal? It seems to be worse on the left earpiece than the right. Will it loosen up over time? I am just very concerned about damaging the cables and/or earpiece. I mean I have to pull really really hard.
    I was also wondering what is the consensus on tips for these. Do you prefer comply, spinfit, symbios, etc.? Thanks everyone!
  11. Felicitous
    Those cables are on HARD. One side is looser for me as well. After about two switches you shouldnt have so much difficulty. I use symbios and comply but the stock noble tips are really good as well unless you have problems with fit.
  12. SoLame

    I use a small piece of thin cloths (glass cleaning, etc) to grab the connectors when I want to change cable, which I don't do so often. It give me a better/firm grip.

    I like SYMBIOS tips, but I found Final Audio E Type tips give me (much) better seal and comfort - sound is pretty much the same to my ears. SpinFit doesn't work for me on Noble IEMs (Savant & Encore) and I never try comply. :beerchug:
  13. faithguy19
    Thanks everyone! I like symbios but it is a love/hate relationship for me. I have small ears and canals and even the smallest symbios are difficult to fit for me at times. Where do you purchase the Final Audio E Type tips?
  14. fiascogarcia
    You can contact michael@finalaudiousa.com.
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  15. Laszloptl
    Congratulations! I'm on the second group... Another month to wait... If all goes well. Any pics?!

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