Noble Audio - the Wizard returns!

  1. krismusic Contributor
    Very Happy New Year Wata!
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  2. FullCircle
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  3. FullCircle

    Buckle up 2018, Noble is on the move
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  4. project86 Contributor
    Happy New Year John!
  5. Stranger Than Fiction
    Hi everyone and happy new year!

    I am looking to make the step up from the Shure SE846 to the K10 or Encores next month and would like to know what is the difference between each?

    Here’s hoping Addicted to Audio keep the prices as low as they are until late February!

    I will get around to reading earlier posts in this thread but must prioritise study first haha.
  6. dannyvstheworld
    Looks like we finally have an official distributor here in China. Glad to hear the news, wish you every success here!

    Meanwhile waiting patiently for my Massdrop K10U to arrive. Don’t know much about the fire but looks like it’s pretty bad, hope everyone is okay. Safety first I’d say, wouldn’t want my headphones made at the risk of someone’s health or life, so take your time. And wouldn’t it be nice to have them just in time for the Chinese New Year ~
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  7. Stranger Than Fiction
    Oh wow, I was wondering if the fires had affected anyone at Noble. I sincerely hope everyone is okay.

    Time to stop eating chopped liver (and other parts) if you catch my drift...
  8. FullCircle

    1) Yes, making moves in China

    2) Thank you for your understanding. The assembly team is doing all that they can to accommodate the MassDrop order.

    The K10 is "technically" out of production. MassDrop is essentially the only source for a K10 universal (except if you find dealers with remaining inventory, or find a K10 on the used market). Also, the K10 CIEM is no longer in production.

    The difference between the two: K10 is a bit more on the fun side/warm side, the Kaiser Encore, a big more toward neutral, but it isn't a vast swing toward neutral. The housing on the Encore is slightly smaller as well.
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  9. Stranger Than Fiction
    Thanks for that. :)

    Admittedly with further reading the Katanas have enterexd the race as well.
    , although I’ll most likely go with that which reaches down lowest. My current music library reads like the itonerary for a visit to the abyss. Lots of sub-bass rich music abounds.

    To that end one might assume the CA Vegas would be rright up my alley. They are, except for their dry bread-like midrange.

    Addicted to Audio here in Melbourne, Australia has some K10U rstock in at a reduced price. I wish there were a dealer in Perth (West Aus) as I’ll be heading back there soon.
  10. FullCircle

    Trying before you buy is ideal


    As for reaching down low, surprisingly, in my opinion, the Katana does that surprisingly well.

    Have fun at Addicted to Audio!
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  11. Stranger Than Fiction
    Methinks I’ll need a full day there...

    Besides Parliament underground station level sub-bass I have music ranging from Neil Young to Mike Oldfield and from Amorphis to James Zabiela. So I guess it’s a matter of finding the best fit while also assessing from what I’m missing from the SE846s that have me contemplating an upgrade.
  12. FullCircle
    for honor katana 1.gif
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  13. proedros
    keep in mind that Noble does not offer reshells (to the second owner) to their ciems anymore if you decide to sell them , thus making them much harder for you to re-sell or you will have to sell them extra cheap for people who may decide to have them reshelled somewhere else (by someone who isn't Noble)

    this is a good business move for Noble profit-wise ( not having used noble ciems reshelled by them = more new noble ciems bought) but a bad move for you if you decide to sell them

  14. krismusic Contributor
    On the other hand I doubt very much that you will want to sell them. I would not willingly be posted from my K10's. Unless it was for the Encores!
  15. SDBiotek
    Basically, if you buy older used set.
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