Noble Audio - the Wizard returns!

  1. H T T

    Sounds great! Thanks!
  2. PinkyPowers
    May you both know boundless joy together.
  3. jasonho
    856E11DB-F8B6-4B12-B20F-D3914906A637.jpeg My new encore
  4. PinkyPowers
    Gorgeous! Absolutely love it.
  5. meomap
    Beautiful! !!!!!!!!!
  6. Kunlun
    The Velvet is in and they sound great. My first thought on the morning commute was that these would make a great gift! Not the pair I have, those are mine, but another pair!
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  7. Saraguie
    Last edited: Dec 24, 2017
  8. Saraguie
    My wife gets hers at tonight
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  9. mcgsxr
    Glad the Joker is enjoying the Wizards. I loved the mids SO much on those.

    Now enjoying an older set of Noble 5’s.
  10. NickL33
    Just got the velvet today.. the bass is goooooooood...

    Are we going to expecting a co-co-flagship soon from edc line?
  11. FullCircle

    The bass response is nutty for such a small driver. Basically a long while ago, I accepted a challenge, which was make a balanced armature driver have essentially the same bass response that a dynamic driver has. In order to do that, I had to research dynamic drivers, and I came across a company that is developing small dynamic drivers that perform like their larger peers.

    The idea is to make the driver taller, allowing for greater excursion of the diaphragm, which you also see this trend in car and home audio as well.

    scan speak illuminator.jpg

    as for a "co-flagship" edc

    We are working on developing the EDC line, so you can expect more products in the future. They will differ in price point, sound and features etc.

    Noble Audio Stay updated on Noble Audio at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.

  12. khestoi
    Happy holidays everyone!
    Chill! PSX_20171222_154843.jpg
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  13. FullCircle

    Noble Audio Stay updated on Noble Audio at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.

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  14. jasonho
    This is the new flagship product ? :)
  15. Watagump
    Have a safe and happy new year everyone at Noble and all us fans.

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