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Noble Audio - the Wizard returns!

  1. krismusic Contributor
    You have just ordered one of, if not the, best CIEM in the world. You are in for a treat. :)
    I don't think I have heard the 8. I have the K10. I love it but the Encore is better in every regard. Separation and detail while still being coherent. The best I have heard.
  2. John0405
    Well thanks... I'm too impatient so I applied for a rush order. Hope to have them soon. But I was just wondering what I should expect from them compared to my previous ciems.
  3. emrelights1973
    Any suggestions for aftermarket cable for Encore to be used with WM1A 4.4mm? it is for mobile use not home listening.... ? Please somebody help me
  4. azabu
    Fedex arrived today with the Encore and Savant duo. The Encores are just incredible, they're so refined and build quality is superb; while the Savants are much better than expected. What impressed me also was the quality of the cable, it would be great if it came as a 3.5mm balanced. Huge kudos to the guys at Noble, thanks John and Brannan.
  5. azabu
    I'll probably get the flexible 4.4mm from Brise Audio in Tokyo.

    I have the Rh+ for my TG334s and it's little stiff and microphonic.
  6. Terco
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2017
  7. PinkyPowers
    Yep. Thor Silver II is my current favorite for Encore.
  8. chengsta
    I'm jumping from jh16 pro fp to encore. I hope there's a noticeable improvement in clarity and highs.
  9. ScottFree
    That's a worrying statement. How much research did you do into the different sound signatures beforehand?
  10. notyourtree
    I made the same jump over BF with some Wizards! My remolded JH16 Pro FPs have served me well over the past year+ as my first TOTL/CIEM, and I was looking for something more neutral. I acquired and remolded a UEPRR recently, and have been very happy with them as a counterbalance to the JH16. However, I had a chance to demo to the Encore universals a few times before my order - each session gave me goosebumps several times (a great gauge for me) - so I unreservedly pulled the trigger immediately after the sale went live. Sent the molds in yesterday, so now the (im)patient waiting begins!
  11. chengsta
    speaking of molds, they should've gotten my molds by now. According to UPS, Noble should have it by end of day today, but what if nobody is there to recieve it? I hope they have a drop-off box. I sent my molds and put the tracking number/reciept in my pocket and went back to work, but when I got home the tracking/reciept was gone. I really hope they got my molds.
  12. cubasesx
    Is there a problem with the Noble site, I haven't been able to access it?
  13. PJDubyaM
    I pinged them yesterday afternoon via Twitter to let them know their UK site was down. No response.
  14. ScottFree
    Perhaps they are having a site redesign.
  15. fabiodb2003
    Excuse me none of you had problems with orders from the Noble Audio site?
    I'll tell you what's happening to me :

    I made an order of Universal Iem Sage (Silver # 6) on November 18, 2017 for the Black Friday discounts and I forwarded the payment.
    The order was accepted with the confirmation email by Brannan Mason on November 19th.
    As a result of my order status questions, on Thursday, November 23, Brannan sent me an email explaining that following a misalignment on the site,the Sage (Silver # 6) was no longer available but it could be replaced with another product or, waiting about 2 weeks, Noble could be make a new Sage (Silver # 6) for me.
    I replied that I could wait 2 weeks for the new Sage (Silver # 6) and I was waiting for their response to the acceptance.
    I've written to Noble and Brennan several times but I never got an answer.
    Yesterday I also contacted Wizard on Facebook but initially seemed not to have understood the model I had ordered and on my further specifications on the order he did not answer me anymore.
    Honestly at this point I do not know what to think?
    (Sorry for my english, I wrote from Italy !)

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