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Noble Audio - the Wizard returns!

  1. hemtmaker

    Just a heads up that moderators dun like people promoting their for sale item here... And we dun talk able Heir Audio at all
  2. bangkokkid

    Jess Lawrence 3-1.jpg

    By popular request, take 15% off all CIEMs plus options (excludes Rush Order) this holiday weekend beginning in a few short hours!


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  3. chengsta
    Ordered! Now I just have to wait for my earmold kit to come in the mail since all the audiologists where I live have more important things to do than make me an ear impression.
  4. ScottFree
    Quick question Noble and Fellow Friends Of Noble. Placed an order for a Black Noble Cable went through the Checkout form and when I clicked on the large 'Place Order' button on the form, the order page reset with the item still listed in the cart. Is that normal because now I'm not sure the order was sent through. Probably was but it would be nice to have some visual confirmation on the page. Like an order placed sign for when you order accessories as I know that the Noble has the Order Confirmation page for IEM orders
  5. Velomane
    That's pretty schiity! The audiologist I went to thought it was so cool that I was getting CIEMs made that he didn't even charge me for them.
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  6. chengsta
    well if it works the same way for ciems then your cart should be empty after you hit that order button, and you should get a confirmation in your email.
  7. Saraguie
    When in doubt, write Brennan
  8. emrelights1973
    Ordered at the last hours of discount and got my fedex pack delivered to Turkey, great company great service

    My thanks and applause to noble team

    I never used anything bigger than Shure 535 so having difficulty to fit them, is there a video somewhere, any tips?

    Maybe new tips ?

    I am using them zx2 but I am locked on z1 ( eu cap) or sp1000, ak being 1000$ more expensive...

    Any suggestion is appritiated
  9. sdaff
    What is the building time for the ciem now?
    I remember that wizard and Brannan was saying that the stock is under shortage.

    But no matter how,I am sure that I am going to order a katana, I like it so so much!!!
  10. Acemcl
    I ordered my prestige CIEM’s on the 05th of June and the ear impressions were received at the lab on the 20th of June. I still haven’t received my CIEM’s. I think it’s at least a couple of weeks more ( this is me guessing based on last conversation with Brannan). I am now into week 23 since the lab received the impressions so they are certainly taking time. I would assume (also based on the faq’s on the noble website) that if you don’t order a prestige set, it should be a lot quicker
  11. chengsta
    Holy cow over 5 months?! It better look damn good. You better not have any plastic or acrylic on that thing. Also, I would really love to see a pic when you get'em.
    Last edited: Nov 25, 2017
  12. ScottFree
    Brennan?. Is that Brannan's evil twin brother.
  13. Saraguie
    maybe angel twin?
  14. 13-7
    A friend of mine ordered the K10U via Massdrop and mentioned the option of adding a 2.5mm TRRS balanced cable for a very reasonable price.

    Is this this a new variant of your standard cable or a third-party product?
  15. John0405
    Hello. I’ve just ordered a pair of custom encore to replace the 8c I lost a few months ago. Could anyone tell me what should I expect to hear compared to the 8c; how do then Kaiser encore compare against the 8c ?
    Thanks to all.

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