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Noble Audio - the Wizard returns!

  1. jscmd2000
    No, I don't believe so.
  2. Rowethren
    I use a glasses cloth here to, I probably would avoid chemicals but others can probably answer better than me.
  3. PinkyPowers
    Earwax is sterile, so there is no need for harsh methods. Just a cloth will do. I often use a paper towel.
  4. BMFY
    Try before buy audio products, they are good, but each of them has so unique sounds, so you may be ended up with disappointment just like I did with Katana
  5. Mfalcon
    Thanks, I’ll use like a lint free or glass cloth.
  6. Malevolent
    I'm using the Encore with a Toxic Cables Silver Widow. The Encore retains its signature detail and clarity without sounding overly bright or harsh. Occasionally, I pair it with an X8 SPC from PlusSound, too. Both sound stellar with the Encore.
    Last edited: Sep 30, 2017
  7. Solarium
    After a few long days of waiting, finally got my Encore U today. I'm having a lot of trouble finding the right fit. I'm trying out Comply 500 series medium and large tips, the original Encore tips, but can't seem to get a good fit. The large 5mm bore is really hurting my ears, compared to the 3mm used on my previous SE846's which fit absolutely perfectly with the Comply P tips that provides a deep insertion.

    Any advice for good tips? I'll check out the Symbio eartips above and also someone suggested Rebound Fidelity large tips on amazon. My ideal size tips are the Large Comply P series tips that I used with my SE846's, which gave me the best seal and isolation and comfort. I can literally wear that 8 hours straight.

    By the way, while I like the treble and airiness more, I REALLY miss the bass on my SE846's. They weren't exactly more impactful than the Encores, but they felt more intoxicating and addicting if that's the right words to describe them. The SE846's, as much as people are saying it's fatigue, actually felt LESS fatiguing than the Encore's.

    All in all, I'm honestly kind of disappointed. I know you can't compare IEM's to full sized speakers, but my Bower & Wilkins CM10's with a separate sub just sound THAT much better than anything I put to IEM's that's it's not even funny.
  8. Terco
    I'm coming from the SE846 too! and I had the same problems! Let me share my experience, for tips I have one of those plastic bag for sandwich full of different tips, Symbio is by far my favorite, none of the tips that came with my encores work right for me, I always used large tips but for the Symbio the large doesn't fit so medium fit just right on my ears. About the treble it's true, is a little bit fatiguing the first days especially when you coming from the SE846 and I missed the bass a lot, I couldn't listen to the Encores for more that an hour and then when I was using the SE846 sound so nice and warm not fatiguing with that great bass, I remember that I want to return the encores and I was so frustrated :rage: so I told myself "I have 14 more days" I will listen to the encore for about 10 more days and return them!..... The 10 days passed and... I put my SE846 for sale!! :laughing:Here: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/shure-se846-photos-price-drop-650.858819/ (Message me if any is interested :grin:)

    Give a little bit of time, trust me order now the Symbio (It take like 10 days from ebay) and let these babies burn in, the Encores are fantastic! the clarity is superb but is gonna be disappointed at first when you are coming from SE846 in my opinion.

    And check for cables! That is my only issue with the Encore.
    Last edited: Sep 30, 2017
  9. Whazzzup
    I gave my wife the 846.
  10. Solarium
    Good advice Terco! I normally use large tips, but will order 2 Medium's and 1 large from Symbio and try it out 1st. How long did it take it to ship to you by the way?

    By the way, how are people's general experience pairing Encore with the Chord Mojo? I'm trying to look for a Hugo right now on ebay, but gotta be patient if I want one under $900 :)
    Last edited: Sep 30, 2017
  11. Terco
    Like 10 days, yeah 2 medium and 1 large.
  12. Whazzzup
    iPhone >hugo> double helix v3 8 braid > encore for me...
  13. jscmd2000
    None of the tips that came with encores worked for me either. The spinfits sort of work for me and they are comfy, but I find them too bright sometimes, like other tips with large bores.

    Comply foam tips I have tried and are not too bright sounding, but I struggle achieving the level of seal I want. To my ears, some details get lost with these.

    So far, I find the triple flange tips most reliable when it comes to getting that perfect seal, least time and effort consuming. I put them in and get a great seal almost every time. They stay in nicely too especially when I practice/play golf. Comfort may be an issue, but believe it or not, you do get used to them. If interested, https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B008NOHPO4/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

    I have not tried the Symbio but they look promising! Will certainly try.
  14. Painterspal
    Getting a good seal seems to be an issue for a significant number of people with Noble and one of the few problems with these otherwise excellent IEMs. I haven't found any of Noble's supplied tips to work. I've tried MardarinEs Symbios, Spiral Dots, RHA dual density and standard, Blackbirds, you name it... none achieved a good seal. NONE. The only one's I've managed to get a decent seal with are Comply 500, both the bullet shaped versions and the more rounded ones, but the bullets are better. I'd be thinking that I just have weird ears but I've never had this much trouble with any other IEM. It's been a frustrating journey...
  15. PinkyPowers
    It's not so much the tips that are the problem, but the cable. With the stock cable, I can't get the IEM into the correct position for a proper fit... even with JVC Spiral Dot tips. But a cable with a larger ear-loop I can get Encore to seal perfectly.

    The best fit I've had with Encore was using a plusSound cable. Their connectors are very long, and that works great for these strange Noble shells.

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