Noble Audio - the Wizard returns!

  1. bangkokkid

    C66I7932 copy SQUARE.jpg

    Please join us for Wizard’s 45th Birthday Celebration beginning Wednesday, June 28th, at 12:00 am PST (GMT-7) for 45 hours.

    20% off all universal IEMs plus free 'legacy' Savant IEM ($599 value) with every universal Kaiser Encore or Katana purchase while supplies last

    15% off all CIEMs, excluding Rush Order


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  2. Wyville
    Happy birthday Wizard and congratulations to @SOULSIK for a very accurate guess, enjoy! :ksc75smile:
    Thank you !
  4. FullCircle
    Noble Audio Stay updated on Noble Audio at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.

  5. Wyville
    I hope it also helps you guys with the website, which seems to be coming along very nicely!
  6. FullCircle
    Noble Audio Stay updated on Noble Audio at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.

  7. ForceMajeure
    Congratulation on the win!

  8. Watagump
    Happy Birthday John. Keep doing what you are doing, ignore the idiot Noble haters who are whining because they got denied a discount.

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  9. slankoe
    Happy birthday Mr Wizard, I hope you have an amazing and magical day!

    I am getting more and more excited to recieve my Katana :)
  10. PinkyPowers
    Happy birthday John.

    Here's another pic for you!

    Sage 01.jpg
  11. TheAdmiralty
    Ah, there it is - order for that Encore going in as soon as it hits midnight here!

    Godspeed, Wizard. Glad to hear business is doing well.

  12. Carlsan
    Happy birthday Wizard! Hope you have a truly wonderful day.

    Quick question to the group, I have both the original version of the K10u, which I love, and a more neutral, to my ears anyway, K10 custom from last year. I really prefer the K10u for it's fun factor even as I do still love the other.
    How close is the Encore to the sound of either K10 earphones? Is it worth the upgrade?
    Also thinking of the Katana as a different take on sound that would be something different to use with jazz or classical especially.

    Thoughts? Suggestions?
  13. Watagump

    The Encore is the K10 with improved clarity, detail and sound stage, so its the same fun factor just elevated. The Katana has even more clarity than the Encore, but less rumble in the sub bass. Its more tuned for a reference sound.
  14. hedphonz
    Just got a notification on my phone about the noble audio sale and its suckered me back into headfi since buying JHA Roxannes a couple of years ago.

    Can i ask the wise here if the universal encores would be an upgrade as far as overall SQ and bass or are they on a similar level with the roxannes ?
  15. TheAdmiralty
    Mmm... Pacific time - guess I'll drop the order in the morning.

    Looks like I'mma need a new stock of tips, too - any recommendations from anyone with more experience than myself? I've been using medium Comply 'Comfort' tips on the N5s for the last two years just because I could never find any silicone tips that didn't just fall out of my ears immediately. They're comfortable... enough... but generally disintegrate after about three days of use.

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