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Noble Audio - the Wizard returns!

  1. Ross Contributor
    Unfortunately there is nowhere locally where I can hear both. While I loved the K10, I always felt they had just a tad too much bass, and that a little extra treble extension would have been nice. So I am leaning towards the Katana, which sounds like it might address those issues.
  2. LouisArmstrong
    How is the bass of the Katana? More or less than the K10?
  3. Rowethren

    Sorry about the miss information, was just talking from personal experience. I do get a slight squelchy sound from my left ear but the seal remains intact.
  4. LouisArmstrong
    For what it's worth, I use medium size TX500 on my left ear and small size TX500 on the right to achieve the perfect balance for the Layla. No problem with my custom K10 of course.
  5. The Life

    When I was getting my K10s, I had my impressions made by a general audiologist. When I got the K10s, the fit was ok but I had the kind of problem you are describing, where the fit changed as I moved my jaw. Fast forward a year later, when I was getting my Dulces, I had my impressions made by an audiologist who specializes in making impressions for musicians. My Dulce's fit like a glove and I could eat with them on with no break in seal whatsoever. So I sent my K10s back to Noble for them to rebuild it using the same molds as the Dulces and now the fit of my K10s are perfect as well with no seal-breaking.

    So it might be worth getting new impressions and getting your K10s refit, especially if you have had them for less than a month, at which point it is free to do so. Even some audiologist are willing to do the impressions for a refit for free as well.
  6. animalsrush
    Very Well.. The bass out of drivers is sufficient but on ZX2 i need to bump up clear bass setting to get the thump and it scales very well .. No muddiness 
    warrior1975 likes this.
  7. warrior1975

    animalsrush Thank you gentlemen. We shall see soon enough. Really looking forward to the magic.
  8. Dexter Morgan
    It's funny, I actually find the K10s to be slightly lean in bass. We all have different ears.
  9. Malevolent
    If I do a huge Joker-like smile, or if I chew, the seal will break a little. This is true for all my CIEMs.
    I love a fair bit of added bass (actually, a lot!), and the K10 responds very well with EQing and amping. I usually use my K10 with an ALO Rx Mk3-B+, and I keep the bass dial at full level. No distortion, just great sound.
  10. y2jdmbfan
    Anyone know what the shipping times on K10U's are? I ordered a set on 7/7 and am anxious to get them!
  11. fiascogarcia
    Put a Liquid Carbon behind them, whooo!
  12. never satisfied

    I ordered a Savanna during the birthday sale (7/1) and they still haven't shipped. They are way backed up right now.
  13. davidcotton

    Ouch.  Not sure on how long you had your impressions taken but it might be worth giving Noble a shout via email to see if they have them on file.  May be able to avoid that step again.
  14. warrior1975

    Perfect. Just what I wanted to hear. I think I'll be very happy with them.
    Malevolent likes this.
  15. Ross Contributor
    I've been in contact with Noble and unfortunately I will have to have the impressions done again. The "good" news is that I only need one side replaced, and I might just use this as an excuse to buy some Katanas as well!

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