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Noble Audio - the Wizard returns!

  1. Saraguie
    Is this the new flagship?  Biggest differences between it and K-10?  
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  2. Rowethren
    Less than a day after my K10s arrive derp :p
  3. bakieryigit
    Noble k10 vs katana ? which one flagship now , same colour same price point.
    Wizard or brannan waiting to the  thread.  :)
    9 driver versus 10 driver...
    let see what's going on.
  4. fiascogarcia
    Sounds like dual flagships with  different tuning.
  5. Rowethren

    I hope that is the case. If so I normally prefer hifi tuning to reference tuning anyway. Not really that worried as I do love the sound of my K10's :D
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  6. krismusic Contributor
    That seems the most likely case.
    It always puzzles me how worried people get whenever anything appears to supersede the K10. Which is and will always be a superlative TOTL earphone.
    Why would you not want The Wizard to continue to innovate and produce an even more wonderful product?
    Even though I probably could never afford it I would applaud any advances made in this hobby.
    That's creativity. No to stasis! :)
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  7. FullCircle

    I'd say that is a good summation. Sound quality aside the housing is a tad more shallow than the k10, making it protrude less overall than the k10
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  8. ScottFree
    I must say that the Universal Katana build design is probably my favorite out of all the universal range. Understated, and sharp
  9. warrior1975
    Any comparisons to how it sounds vs K10 or others in the Noble line up?
  10. Malevolent
    Okay, that wasn't something I expected, but it's a nice surprise nonetheless. This is definitely something worth trying.

    Besides, they look really classy in that gold shell.
  11. Watagump
    I know what everyone is thinking, Wata deserves to get serial #001 of the Katana. Custom, Wizard design of course. [​IMG]
  12. fb24601

    from description probably more k10 like in mids and lows and should be an answer to 1964 u12 in the highs
  13. warrior1975

    Someone must have told you bro.

    On a serious note, if anyone did reserve a free Noble iem, it should be you. It obviously wouldn't be in exchange for one of your glowing reviews.
  14. Watagump
    FREE? I like your style, we can be friends. [​IMG]
  15. The Life

    It all makes sense now. Sly, sly, sly Foxes.
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