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Noble Audio - the Wizard returns!

  1. warrior1975
    Very nice. Love the blue.
  2. Malevolent
    Glad to see that the designs are still as good as ever. There's something exotic and flashy about mother-of-pearl shells. Mesmerizing!
  3. Dillan
    Pretty pretty
  4. fiascogarcia
    Beautiful!  So these are Tridents?
  5. warrior1975
    Any idea when they will start shipping Wizard bday orders? Website still says 2-3 weeks, just curious if that is accurate. I've waited a out 3 years, so a few more weeks won't hurt.
  6. ScottFree

    Yeah that will probably be accurate. My Savanna took just over 3 weeks to be shipped before the sale so I would expect with the increase in orders from the sale that will still be accurate.

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  7. Rowethren
    Well, UPS messed up again... They ignored the change in location that Gisele gave them on Saturday and delivered to her safe place this morning... If they had just put it in there on Friday I would have gotten them before my holiday! Anyway, Gisele has pulled through for me, she has sent them Special Delivery and I will get them before 13:00 tomorrow.

    Glad they are finally arriving but I can't believe how much UPS messed it up! The worst part when Gisele rang them to ask what was going on and why they ignored the new delivery location they replied that at least the delivery was "the sooner the better" bunch of idiots!
  8. LouisArmstrong
    Is Fedex or DHL any better?
  9. Dillan
    I like Fedex
  10. Zojokkeli
    In my experience DHL has been very nice, but I have no complaints about Fedex either.
  11. LouisArmstrong
    Which is worse, UPS or USPS?
  12. ScottFree

    I've heard more complaints about USPS rather than UPS myself. And speaking of UPS I received a package in the mail a few minutes ago. First impression. Classy as hell.

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  13. Rowethren
    Royal Mail pulled through for me! Delivered my K10 Customs about an hour ago. The sound is amazing! Widest soundstage from an IEM I have ever heard, crisp highs, punchy bass with just the right amount of warmth and full mids. Also they feel like there is nothing in your ears at all perfect fit! Very very happy :etysmile: here are a couple of picture of my setup, sorry for the dodge photography. All I need is my match silver otg cable now.

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  14. y2jdmbfan
    Nice, I ordered the K10U last week after I sold my custom JH Angie's, the customs had way too much mid-forwardness. I like more of a U or V shape to my earphones which is what I experienced when I demo'd the K10U's at Axpona. I also have the KSE1500's, but the additional amp is a bit cumbersome. I love the custom designs Noble is doing on the K10's, but I am afraid the same thing would happen with the custom K10's and they would be too mid forward vs. the K10U's. 
  15. bangkokkid
    Introducing KATANA
    Coming of Age
    Worldwide debut at e-earphone's Summer Headphone Festival
    (Tokyo, Japan)
    Considered by many to have the perfect combination of balance, artistic beauty, and sharpness in its cutting edge, the Katana sword is by all accounts a precision instrument. As a tribute to the exclusivity and craftsmanship of the finest examples, Wizard’s latest design bears the name Katana.​
    Popularized due to its tremendous speed and versatility, Katana features proprietary Noble drivers throughout in a unique 9-driver per side configuration. With an extended top-end that generates airiness and outstanding imaging, Katana’s balance and control are the mark of a master that continues to refine his craft. Combined with a lush mid-range, impactful low-end, and Noble’s signature coherency, Katana is a serious tool in anyone’s arsenal.

    Universal priced at $1850
    Custom (SLA/Acrylic) from $1650/$1850
    Prestige from $2850​
    Available for reservation now at nobleaudio.com
    KatanaWhiteStandWEB.jpg KatanaWhiteFaceWEB.jpg KatanaWhiteBootWEB.jpg KatanaWhiteLeanWEB.jpg KatanaWhiteSideWEB.jpg KatanaWhiteBackWEB.jpg
    KatanaBlackCornerWEB.jpg KatanaBlackBoresWEB.jpg KatanaBlackSideWEB.jpg KatanaBlackTopWEB.jpg

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